Unreleased Dreamcast Motion Controls by Midway! (UPDATE)

Whoa whoa whoa! Where did this come from? I saw this video up at GoNintendo just now of a motion control concept by ex-Midway employee Patrick Goschy (in his boxers, for some reason) from back in 2000, that is shown off running with Ready 2 Rumble on the Dreamcast, of all things! The controller works extremely like the Wii remote and Nunchuck, both attached by a wire with a few buttons on each and very similar technology inside. According to the GoNintendo article, a reader sent this info in stating that it was on the local news that the programmer seen here is suing Nintendo over the concept. Yikes!

As we already know, the Dreamcast already had a motion controller in 1999 with the Fishing controller, which unlike this idea was actually put out on the market but it's technology was never really emphasized on, with the exception of some hidden compatibility with Virtua Tennis and Soul Calibur. In late 2000 Sega also developed the Samba De Amigo maracas, which used a unique height detection sensor bar, kind of (but not exactly like) the senor bar the Wii used to detect where the remote is pointing at the screen.

He probably doesn't have much of a case, as his device seen here is not a first, if mightily similar. Nintendo have stated that they have never heard of this guy or this old concept. My guess is we have had multiple studios all working on similar concept at the same time, much like the whole analogue stick fiasco of the mid 90's when Nintendo, Sega and Sony all came out with analogue concepts at roughly the same time.,

But hang on! Wasn't a new Ready 2 Rumble game announced for the Wii a few months ago? It's not being developed by Midway, but there's a good chance it'll play a lot like this controller does for the Dreamcast game. Maybe hearing of a Wii R2R has convinced
Goschy to finally speak up about his idea. Also, just about all of the games that are now known to have motion controls have had installments on the Wii: Samba De Amigo is being bought over to the Wii by Gearbox, Soul Calibur Legends turned out to be a bit shite and nothing like SC1 with with the fisher, and Sega also have a Sega Bass Fishing for the Wii in the works, as well as Sega Supestar Tennis, running on the Virtua Tennis engine! How bizarre!

This is further evidence that the Dreamcast sure had a lot of interesting development happening behind the scenes which has ended up becoming finally implemented in modern systems. Remember, Sega also had their own equivalent of the Virtual Console in the works, but of course we all know Sega simply didn't have the money or power anymore to carry on taking such risks. It's amazing to think what the Dreamcast could have been had things been different.

UPDATE! The Fox news report about this guy suing Nintendo is now online for all to see! Make of it what you will!


Caleb said...


...if this is real...

I mean just wow!

First we see the Dreamcast prototype controller that looks just like the Wii controller.

I mean I have seen people using the fishing controller to badly play ready to rumble but wow!

This IS the revolutionary controller that Nintendo said "changed Gaming".

How AWESOME is the Dreamcast!!!!

I mean CRAP if the Dreamcast would have been given a decent chance just THINK!

The Wii ain't got nothing on the Dreamcast!

AWESOME Find Gagaman(n)!

Caleb said...

Here comment left on Youtube...

"This is not how the Wii controller came to be. If there is 1 gaming company out there that does NOT just steal ideas it is Nintendo.

I mean for crying out loud the douchebag isn't wearing pants. That alone proves he isn't all there... literally and dressingly."

Hmm....Yeah...Nintendo NEVER Steals ideas...

In ANY CASE, the whole "boxers" thing. For a very short time in America during the Mid 90's there was a brief fashion trend of shorts like these that looked alot like boxers.

I used to wear shorts like these. They are not underwear.

They are just like board shorts with a design that makes them look alot like boxers.

Lots of people wore them when it got too warm for tattered jeans and flannel.

I stopped wearing them in 1999 though when I went to college.

Caleb said...

I just realized something.

You can't even BUY those style shorts anymore. NOBODY sells them. Not even thrift stores.

This adds validity.

I don't think anyone would have planned ahead to include such a random short lived fashion trend in a faked video.

Shame on you Nintendo!

fatherkrishna said...

"I just realized something.

You can't even BUY those style shorts anymore. NOBODY sells them. Not even thrift stores.

This adds validity." LOL!

I can see how stoked you are by this video Caleb! And with good reason! Gagaman(n) your dedication to exposing the Dreamcst as the Wii of the last century is amazing!


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that this controller wasn't being developed by sega since sega could always do with more money. Hell, I'm going to start buying all the shit games Sega loves to release nowadays just in hopes that Sega will get back into the console industry. So is this controller supported in Ready 2 Rumble? I'm sure someone could hack something up and put together some DC boxing gloves.

NebachadnezzaR said...

Nowadays people like to see Nintendo as the "good company", unlike Sony for example, but they tend to forget that it has a dark side too.

Anyway, we all know the Dreamcast was way ahead of it's time. This just proves the concept behind the Wii is nothing new, and if SEGA had the chance, the Dreamcast could have very well been a better console than the Wii, with much better games and a lot sooner.

Also, I'm pretty sure the sentence above is full of grammar errors. That happens when I try to write more elaborate posts...just try to make some sense out of it =)

Anonymous said...

Well if those are shorts? Then why do they fit him like Daisy dukes?

Tom Charnock said...

great post there, gm. Very interesting. Its quite amazing, the amount of influence the dc has had on the recent evolution of gaming, eh?

The Sports Satirist said...

I am not shocked that Nintendo would steal.

Caleb said...

"Well if those are shorts? Then why do they fit him like Daisy dukes?"

Well if I remember correctly the style of those shorts was originally made for skinny surfer dudes. Then the fashion went mainstream for about 4 months in some places.

They didn't really make "board shorts" back then for bigger guys like they do now. They were pretty much made for west coast guys hanging out on the beach.

You could buy a XXL pair of shorts and they would still bunch up like that when you sat down because the legs weren't that long.

I remember that the pockets were USELESS because they fit so tight.

I don't know HOW these shorts got popular in NY state.

I am so friggen glad I only wore those things like once in college before I got rid of them. They looked like boxers.

In any case they were the only fashion trend that I felt bad about during the 90s. I will go back to grunge flannel ANYTIME.

The presence of these shorts in the video basically PROVES this video is real.

NebachadnezzaR said...



This video basically proves the guy is not making this up.

Anonymous said...

You can see some type of pocket opening on the side, so they must be shorts, Nevertheless this guys appearance does not seem that of a professional, Midway is a descent sized company, I mean hes appearance alone doesn't show much seriousness with the pony tail, shorts and just look at the way he throws punches LOL. I don't know who this video was directed to but I think it was done more as an inside video. Unless it was put into circulation sometime before the Wii was released I don't think there is much of a case.

Anonymous said...

mikey, it doesn't matter what's seen in public, it's the patent that could give him fair grounds to sue.

Anonymous said...

Thats good that he's filing a lawsuit. Also getting media attention from Fox helps alot.

Anonymous said...

The guy is a Schmuck! He did not invent the technology, Nintendo had something way better before & after this schmucks contraption was created.


The Power Glove did everything this man claims he invented and more.

Caleb said...

I just don't understand how anyone can side with the corporations on this one.

Midway and Nintendo ripped this dude off.

Caleb said...


"The Power Glove could only detect roll, and used sensors coated with conductive ink"

How the hell is that ANYTHING like the accelerometer tech that this product AND the Wii use?

Was that a joke?

Because the Power glove just plain sucked and didn't work as advertised.

Anonymous said...

For one it is a bold statement to say "The controller that I made is the Nintendo Wii." That for one is not true, it isn't.

Then he was not the only one working on video game motion control, in that same year in2games was working on a similar project and even got a patent for it.

Then the patent that Mr.Goschy is on doesn't belong to him, it just claims he is an inventor,it belongs to Midway.

A velocity controller system that translates to button presses is not what the Wii does alone, so him saying it is the Wiimote has no validity and also what he worked on was only a 2 axis motion sensing, while the Wii is a 3 axis.

He claims they where working on a 3 axis control but it was never finished.

If he does plan to sue I feel sorry for him for he will just be wasting his time. Oh yeah and no he was not ripped off, he was getting payed for his work & development during his time in Midway.

Luke said...

He claims (and he's right) that the all wiimote technology is based on his idea and creation. The wiimote is much evolved that his device, that's true, but probably, if he had never made HIS controller, Nintendo wouldn't ever had made their wiimote.

It is true indeed that it is possible that some guys all around the world can have the same idea in the same time, and it happens all the time. But the case changes when you actually MAKE the simple idea come to a reality.

Exemple: I invent a device and years later, you discover that applying some diferent technology on that same device may cure cancer. The final object is not the same, but you used my object to create yours.

We are not talking of an idea here. He actually made his idea a reality 10 years ago. Nintendo may have not "stollen" the idea, but be sure that they used his technology to make theirs.

Think about what you're gonna say before you say it because we can't judge a guy without proofs, it's the basis of democracy. We have a reasonable doubt here, so let's see where this evolves into before actually judging him to be a lyier.

NeoTechni said...

"This is not how the Wii controller came to be. If there is 1 gaming company out there that does NOT just steal ideas it is Nintendo."

Ha! EVERYTHING they have is stolen except for cube's awesome clicky shoulder buttons. http://sites.google.com/site/neotechni/Home/copies

And the fact that Nintendo claims it's irresponsible to claim the Wii derived anything from him, even though his patent is cited on Nintendo's, is audacious

Unknown said...


Fail. The Power Glove wasn't invented nor developed by Nintendo.