Don't get you hopes up, but... (UPDATED)


SEGA Corporation has filed a new application to protect the trademark Dreamcast - sparking rumours that the Japanese publisher is planning on making a shock return to the console manufacturing market with the Dreamcast 2.

The application, sent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Applications and Registrations Retrieval (TARR) dated August 13 2007, relates to:

Home video game machines; player-operated electronic controllers for electronic video game machines; video game interactive controller, namely, hand held pads, and floor pads or mats; joysticks for video games; computer cursor control devices, namely, computer mouse; flash memory cards; video game software, computer game programs".

Web chatter suggests the proof is in the detail of the application - the original Dreamcast didn't have a floor mat accessory and the Dreamcast's Visual Memory Unit (VMU) is far from the flash memory cards we know and use today - although we'd say that the VMU is pretty similar to the modern day memory cards.

The filing could, of course, simply be a further effort from SEGA to protect the Dreamcast name. According to the USPTO the original Dreamcast trademark is still active. However, the two descriptions are very different. You can see the original trademark description here.

We've contacted SEGA UK for comment. We'll update you on this potentially megaton story as we get it.

By the sounds of it, Sega is simply updating their trademark of the name Dreamcast so that no one else can use it for something, but when you compare the new trademark to the old one, you'll notice the description is rather different.

What could this be hinting at? It's probably nothing, but Sega could have something up their sleeves involving our favorite little system, or at least it's brand name. There's a possibility that Sega plan to port Dreamcast games to a download service such as the Virtual Console, X-Box Live Arcade (which is already getting REZ, Trigger Heart and Ikaruga) or Playstation Network. Of course this is only the most rationale reason I could think of other than protecting the name, but if we really wanna let our minds wander...

(A dreadful mock up I drew in about 2 minutes)

EDIT: According to Gamedaily, It's been confirmed by Sega that they are defiantly not considering going back into the hardware business, saying they are sticking to their guns of being a third party developer, that has so far been better for them then people realize. HOWEVER, it is still unknown, even to the Sega representative who responded, exactly why Sega of Japan has updated their trademark. While a new console is obviously out of the question, there's a small chance they have something up their sleeve. Remember back when they announced they were moving into the multi platform side of things that they had plans to develop the Dreamcast hardware into a single chip which could be used in other devices, such as set top boxes etc? Just a thought.


  1. "Web chatter suggests the proof is in the detail of the application - the original Dreamcast didn't have a floor mat accessory"

    Uhh...Wasn't there a Japanese Only Dance mat for DDR?

  2. This is SO TRUE.

    There WILL be a Dreamcast 2 (or at least a Dreamcast 1.5). Oh yeah!

    I can't think of any other reason that Sega would copywrite the HARDWARE...

    Oh and BTW look forward to this in about a month:


    I saw the original artwork sketch on the interwebz. The Dreamcast 2 will have Wi-Fi adn 30 gig harddrive and wireless bluetooth controllers. It's, like, the OFFICAL design sketch! So it's ALL TRUE!!!"

    All hail the undead console!

  3. Hmm maybe Sega plans to license their old technology for someone else to produce and sell. Kind of like with what they did with the Genesis...remember the Genesis 3?

  4. I dunno. That was when Sega still had alot of Genesis stuff on the shelves.

    So Sega would only be making money off the licensing.

    If they re-do the Dreamcast and someone screws it up then that will give Sega an even worse name. Would that be worth it to Sega just for some small fees?

    I would hate to believe that all this is because Sega wants to make a quick buck off the "retro craze".

    Someone might just want to protect Sega's copywrite "Just in Case".

    With the casual market the way it is and companies making money of crap like the "Vii" Sega might just throw in it's hat into the ring again...

  5. The trademark really does appear to be Sega protecting the name so no one names their product Dreamcast, and that includes things like flash memory and floor mats that could be called this by another company.
    (There was also a floor mat for Samba De Amigo, btw)

  6. I doubt this is all just to protect the Dreamcast name. Come on, Sega left the DC for dead and they don't give a damn about our beloved console...

    If they're making this they got to have something up their sleeve.

  7. It would be amazing if there was a Dreamcast 2, but it seems to late to launch a new system... and with the quality of games SEGA is makeing right now....

  8. Sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but nick is definitely true.
    Even if Sega was to make a new system, they no longer have their former glory nor partnerships. They would only be able to make some of their arcade games ports and maybe a few other ones, but they can't afford any of the most needed elements in building a new system and a new name.
    About the "retro craze", I sadly don't think that people include Dreamcast into their definition of "retro-gaming".

  9. Ok...

    Could I get a translation for that last comment?

    'cause that word could be good or bad I guess.

    Or he might have been comparing the artwork to a titmouse...though that's unlikely.

    Is that like a personal expression or some West coast thing I never heard of?

  10. I remember Cartman from South Park saying TITS once...

  11. Not entirely sure of the derivation, so don't quote me, but how I use it has the following underlying logic:
    "tits" is good;
    (in the way that) tits are good.

    Sos anyways, I just meant the drawering was killerawesome. Also wicked cool.

  12. God I can't beleive I haven't commented on this, I actually thought I had! Brilliant find!

    I can't help feeling that nothing will come of this, I mean that would just be too much to hope for.

    Sega haven't even given us a sequel to Shenmue 2, why would they give us all a follow up to the Dreamcast?

  13. I would buy a Dreamcast on a chip.

    Hopefully they will come up with a decent portable unit or some gimmick that will make it worthwhile to buy.

    For example a TV with a Dreamcast built right in would be kick ass (I can't afford a "Divers"). A Dreamcast setup for a car would be cool as well.

    ...Though a "Plug and Play" mini Dreamcast for casual gamers might suck. It could even have "built in games" without any way to play original Dreamcast disks.

    ...Set top boxes? What's that?

  14. I just bought a SEGA game for the Atari 2600! So yes, they ARE good third party developers!

  15. FK makes a good point but....

    Maybe thats the whole idea!!! Sega-Sammy is your typical "make cash the bottom line" Corporation so Maybe they are waiting to release the Dreamcast 2 so that they can release Shenmue III exclusive for the DC2!! Then after selling well they would port them to the other consoles. Think about it, what better title than Shenmue 3 to launch their next console?

    Or maybe not, but still why would they re-copyright hardware that is already copy righted? The good selling points of the Dreamcast have already been copied so why would they now try to protect it? Does anyone know how Sony did it before the PS2?

    As pessimistic as I am I really do think Sega has something cooking although it might not be what we hope for, nevertheless something might really be on the works!

  16. Mikey has a point (and actually a danged fine one) What the hell are Sega up to? They've got something up their sleeves, even if they're not prepared to share it with their devotees...

    Personally I no longer care if they've not got a Dreamcast 2 or Shenmue 3 coming out... I've lived that dream for too long...

    But if they could account for their shady patent nonsense in any way, it would help scotch the (inevitable) interweb rumours...

  17. I am reminded of my older post that asks if Sega's new console will be powered by the tears of Sega Fans.

    It seems like that's the direction they are going in...