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Cheap As Chips

Congratulations to our founding father Tomleecee, for finding Dreamcast goodness in his local Gamestation! I reckon you'd have more chance of finding skanky Amy Winehouse refusing a pipe full of rocks from Pete Doherty, or George Michael refusing a mouth full of rancid cock on Hampstead Heath, than you would finding another Gamestation that still proudly flies the Sega console flag...

However, for UK residents, there is an alternative to the neo-nazi game burning cocksuckers at Gamestation. And that, dear readers is Chips! boasting 36 stores up and down the UK, Chips is the Britain's largest independent video game retailer, established a respectable 23 years ago and still going strong. The company is a franchise operation, which means if you have a spare £30,000 you could set up your own! I've just decided that if I ever win the lottery, I'll do it as a hobby!

Not only can you still buy, sell and trade Dreamcast games there, but also peripherals and even the odd rarity. It's where I bought my MP3DC adaptor! On my most recent visit there was about thirty Dreamcast games in the stack and none of them the usual Chu Chu Rocket and Spirit Of Speed 1937 guff that used to pad out the Gamestation stock.

There was Daytona USA, Fighting Vipers, an unopened copy of Planet Ring complete with microphone, several copies of Soul Calibur and even the best ever football game, Sega World Wide Soccer 2000 (Euro Edition.)

In my experience, the staff (at my local branch) are extremely friendly, refreshingly knowledgeable about consoles and games from before the current gen and dare I say it, Dreamcast enthusiasts! The dude that I regularly converse with in my shop even gave me a burned copy of Rival Schools which plays perfectly in my Dreamcast. (In return I gave him a burned copy of Ikaruga - that's a beautiful non-capitalist exchange is it not?)

If that's not enough, you can also purchase games for your Master System, Megadrive and Saturn. Gamecubes go for about £20 and in my branch they've even got a Street Fighter Arcade machine imported from Japan. They're very tolerant of the local youth standing in the shop and playing their demonstration 360s and PS3s, which stops them from roaming the streets mugging pensioners, and you can even pick up a free Chips magazine which is reasonably decent... Have a look at their rather excellent website here...

On a side note, my recent Dreamcast related news is that I got quite stuck into Half Life for a while, but lost interest around about the point where Gordon gets captured by the grunts and thrown into a garbage crusher... I snagged a copy of Jet Set Radio Future for the Xbox off eBay for less than a fiver, prompted by Nebacha's stellar review, but then fucked myself up the dirtbox by getting all excited about buying a Japanese title called the 'Golf Game' which I thought was some rare Japanese golf sim I'd never played, but turned out to be Tee Off Golf with a different cover... Ho hum!


Badbrains said...

Haha that photo of Amy Winehouse! Man she's overrated. Half life is awesome on the DC.

Animated AF said...

I wouldn't mind finding one of these Chips shops, but have never come across one yet.

NebachadnezzaR said...

LOL @ Amy picture xD

You guys are so lucky for having had stores selling cheap Dreamcast stuff, and still having some of those, even if they're slowly disappearing...

I dream of the day I walk into a store and see tons of Dreamcast games for a couple of euros or less... (I almost shat my pants when I found Breakout for the PS1 for 1 euro!!!).

Caleb said...

I hate the fact that there are gameshops around here called

"Game Craze"

"Game Crazy"

Some of the Game Craze place DO have retro stuff but others don't. It's insanely annoying to go into a shop with the same name as other shops and find out that they don't have retro stuff.

fatherkrishna said...

Badbrains! Thanks for all the comments and for so regularly visiting the site! It's great to see you round here!

Gagaman(n) there is a map showing the locations of the UK stores which when you click on one gives the phone number.

I have bought games from their online store before too. If you want a game that isn't in the shop, they can do a check to see if any of their other shops have them...

Then they'll mail them to your local store!

Well done Nebacha! You're using the word 'shat'! LOL!!!
You are my Portugese son, and you make your old Father very proud! =D

Yes Caleb, but don't forget, of all the people I know, you are the most blessed when it comes to stumbling upon insane bargains!

Badbrains said...

Thanks Father Krishna- i enjoy reading the posts, always entertaining :)

Anonymous said...

in my branch they've even got a Street Fighter Arcade machine imported from Japan. They're very tolerant of the local youth standing in the shop and playing their demonstration 360s and PS3s, which stops them from roaming the streets mugging pensioners

You've just described my local Chips in Chorlton perfectly.