Station Square, Pennsylvania?!

Have you ever wanted to enter the world of Sonic? Seeing and experiencing it firsthand? Well yesterday, I did. No, I didn't take some mushrooms and play a game of Sonic Shuffle. I visited the real Station Square! Que the theme song: Doo-doo-doo-doooo dee-doo-dee-doo-doo-doo-doo-doooo!

Station Square at night, the perfect time to enter Speed Highway

I discovered Station Square while on a road trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Me and two buddies were heading to the Full Moon Horror Roadshow to meet the guy who created Puppet Master, Ghoulies and the Troll films. The show was being held at a place called Station Square, and being the Dreamcast fan that I am my ears perked up. Blog fodder! Things got even better when we drove in. It really was similar to Sonic Adventure's Station Square.

Like the video game Station Square, the real Station Square was on the edge of a large city next to a body of water. One could easily board boats, just like in the game, although I don't know if they took you to the Egg Carrier.

The real Station Square also featured trains! Although unlike the game they did not take you the mountainous region of the Mystic Ruins...

Oh wait! Holy crap! You COULD take the trains from Station Square into a mountainous region! I didn't have time to check out if there was a real Mystic Ruins over the hills, so I'll just assume there was.

Real Station Square even featured shops, including a burger shop! I swear I even saw Amy Rose shopping for groceries...

There was no announcer welcoming me to Station Square, however there were these signs about. I'm assuming East Warehouse is a Shenmue reference. They failed to point out where the Chao Garden was. I assume it was in the hotel. Oh yeah, they had a hotel too.

Just. Like. In. The. Game.

Okay. So Pittsburgh's Station Square contained just about everything the video game version had, but it was missing something...

Ah yes! The SEGA logo. Station Square is complete.
Visit Station Square today!


  1. aaah this bring back memories of yore when it was 1999 and no one seemed to be able to stop that orange shine or glow and laser music
    but in a serious note if this were the inspiration for station square in sonic adventure what made them choose this place out of all places lol

  2. So, being from the surrounding area of Pittsburgh, for some reason I never gave this a second thought. The similarities seemed like a bit of a stretch, but I found them entertaining, so thanks Barry.

    And what's wrong with choosing "this place of all places," Cazre? Haha.

  3. I tried playing Sonic Shuffle on shrooms and I couldnt focus. I probably took too much..

  4. Nothing wrong its just you would think they would pick a more popular place Scott? Haha.

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  10. Excellent post dear Barry, the tenuous ones are my favourites...

    Next week: How the setting for Sword Of The Beserk-Gut's Rage was actually inspired by a small cul-de-sac in Longsight, Manchester.

  11. You didn't mention that both the game and real Station Squares have a book store!

    (The real Station Square, the mall part at least, has been whittled down to ONLY a book store. The inside of that place is just empty and creepy now.)