Stunning Samba De Amigo Custom Dreamcast

A beautiful Samba De Amigo themed paint job on a Dreamcast. If I had the skills with paint I'd love to do a custom Dreamcast like this, but alas..


  1. WOW!

    I don't have painting skills either, but I always wondered how a Dreamcast shell would take to a paint marker.

  2. thats incredible, I wonder how long that took

  3. That's incredible. I'm an artist myself, but wouldn't dare do this to my Dreamcast lol I'd do that on some else's though

  4. @F2PHero:

    If you're ever up for doing it, I suggest buying a cheap Dreamcast off ebay. A broken one can be had for around $10. Just remove the hardware, paint the shell, and then wait til you find a working DC to swap shells with or simply keep it as a decoration.

    Check out this deal: