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Senile Team releases a free Dreamcast game called Polyko

Senile Team, the folks behind Rush Rush Rally Racing, have ported an indie game by the super long name of "Polyko's Super Jelly Bean Quest in The Sketchbook of Illusion" to the Dreamcast. How much does it cost? Nothing, it's free! Where can you get it? Right here! The game is a simple platformer starring an artist named Polyko who has been magically transported into his sketchbook. The goal is to collect 31 jelly beans. There is no way to die, so no fear of falling into an abyss or having your head ripped off by a zombie. You can play the full game online here, or better yet burn it to a disc and play it on your Dreamcast. The cd image even contains printable covers, so it'll fit in on your indie Dreamcast games shelf. Enjoy!


typicalgeek said...

Any idea how to run this off a Dreamcast SD Card adapter?


Tom Charnock said...

Nice work Barry - might have a go at burning this later!

Barry the Nomad said...

@ typicalgeek

No clue, I don't own one. If you have one, I'd guess just try every possible way of doing it?

Davecaster said...

This is excellent. I played it tonight with my kids and they thought it was pretty cool. A lovely download. Thanks for the link.