The Games That Never Were: Episode 4

YouTuber and friend of the Junkyard pcwzrd13 has come up with the goods yet again by posting episode 4 of the popular series The Games That Never Were - a look at some of the titles that were tantalisingly promised for our favourite beige, whirring and wheezing box...but for whatever reason were drop-kicked into the nearest bin. And then spat on by a tramp. Probably.

This latest instalment features such agonisingly-canned games as Castlevania Resurrection, D-Jump, Galleon and, Redline Arena. Before you ask - yes, that is an Oxford comma. Whether it's usage is warranted or correct here bothers me not one iota, however. I digress.

This video is particularly interesting as we plan to discuss some of the more promising cancelled Dreamcast games in episode two of DreamPod. Stay tuned for more information on that...but first, enjoy pcwzrd13's awesome (and thought-provoking) video:

As ever, please be sure to check out Dreamcastic Channel for the previous entries in the Games That Never Were series and expand your burgeoning knowledge of the alternative universe that is hinted at every time you are on the cusp of falling asleep. Lastly, it is (with gratitude) down to the video's auteur that I'm able to experience one of the games featured. Bet you can't guess what it is...


  1. I bought one of those USB-GDROM emulators but it only supports GDI images so I've not tried out that Toe Jam and Earl beta, I really want to try it out!

    1. Interesting. Not tried one of those yet. Although I must admit that I tried burning T&E several times myself and couldn't do I had to recruit pcwzrd13 to do it for me haha!

  2. Still hanging out for coverage of Dee Dee Planet...

  3. I got xbox versions of TJ&E 3 and galleon just because i expected them on my dreamcast. I hope for a Castlevania beta, one of them was sell on eBay some years ago. Maybe one day...