Classic Fighter Barbarian Heading To Dreamcast

The latest retro title being given a full-on port to the Dreamcast is one that harks back to the golden era of classic 8-bit computer systems, Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior. Originally released for the Commodore 64 in 1987 and ported to eight other systems including the BBC Micro and Atari ST, Barbarian is being brought to Sega's console with a range of interesting additional features over previous incarnations. For starters, it'll include emulated versions of all previous Barbarian releases with graphics modes that can be switched at the press of a button, as well as an updated Dreamcast mode with brand new visuals.
Atari ST graphics mode
ZX Spectrum graphics mode
The game is being brought to the Dreamcast by Retro Games Ltd, who recently acquired the original Epyx catalogue. The game's producer (and veteran games journalist) Kieren Hawken told us the following:

"Once we (Retro Games Ltd) acquired the Epyx brand and I.P. we started looking for people interested in porting these classic games to consoles they never appeared on. One of the first people to get in touch were Team Oceo in France, who have also done a DC port of L'Abbaye Des Morts, and they were not only big fans of the game having played the Atari ST version to death in their youth, but had also recovered all the assets!

"As well as emulating all the classic versions of the game they also plan to add a brand new Dreamcast only mode too with improved visuals."
- Kieren Hawken
As well as the Dreamcast, this 'best of' remaster of Barbarian is also being brought to the Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari Jaguar and Sega Mega Drive, but we'll have to wait and see if these versions have the enhanced visuals option.
Kieren also tells us that the Dreamcast game will be treated to a full physical release, later in 2018. More info as we get it, folks. In the meantime, here's an early look at the Dreamcast port in action:

You can keep an eye on the development by visiting the Epyx Facebook page here. What do you think? Excited to see yet more retro titles re-released for the Dreamcast? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation in our Facebook group or on Twitter.


hoogafanter said...

I feel embarrassed that I've never even heard of this game before... was it really that popular?

DCGX said...

Um, yeah. I'm not personally excited for these old games. They're available so many places to begin with. I'm started all these older game releases on older systems is getting ridiculous. It's not like these are new games. They're games that have been available for a wide variety of systems for like 20 years. Now it's back to playing on nostalgia for people to make a buck off of.

way2easy said...

Sweet! Played the hell out of this back on the Atari ST! So cool.

The Voice Of Reason said...
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Unknown said...

Time for me to port a freeware version of solitaire to the Dreamcast. Then re-release it as Solitaire 1.2 then again as 1.5. Don't forget the steelbook versions, PAL, NTSC, and Japanese variant discs (for the collectors of course) and an Ace of Spades plushie. Then I will cease production. Wait a few months for Solitaire 1.5 to reach astronomical prices on ebay, then come to the rescue as I release Solitaire 2 with different CD art, of course so you must add this to your collection as well! To this of course I will need to raise money on kicksrater and despite me saying that the game would have XYZ features, some of those will be removed without notice. But hey guys dont be picky, I'm just a simple dev creating a new Dreamcast game for you, dont you like the Dreamcast?

The 1 Ross said...

If the book, "Dreamcast development for Dummies" existed, this would be the preface.

The 1 Ross said...

I wonder if they'll approach the devs of the original emulators and ask permission to use them or just shamelessly steel them.

The 1 Ross said...


OneStar said...

Yea, no one is getting my money on this. I also recommend everyone else keep away from this, or we will only see more of this nonsense.

I will support quality Dreamcast releases, mainly those made with the Dreamcast in mind. I don't need a 30 year old game that can run on my toaster released for DC like this - and at a premium price. Even Midway and Atari didn't have the balls to release one classic/retro title per disc when the DC was commercially relevant, they did collections.

No one said you COULDN'T port a game to Dreamcast, but I am definitely saying you SHOULDN'T if you expect to make a profit on this kind of nostalgic shovelware. Dreamcast is on a path to being the dumping grounds of afternoon ports.

DCGX said...

Amen, OneStar. Amen.

RetroButton said...

Barbarian is/was a nice game on my Commodore 64. And it should stay there.
Why the hell should this be ported to the Dreamcast?
Sorry, but that´s simply dumb.