JoshProd Asking Fans To Vote On Next Batch Of Dreamcast Releases

It would appear that video game publisher JoshProd has no intentions of slowing down their release schedule and porting of games to the Dreamcast. The company behind the Dreamcast releases of Flashback, The Escapee, 4x4 Jam, Breakers, Fade to Black, Ganryu and many others currently has a poll running on its Facebook page asking fans to rank order vote for the genre of game they’d like to play sooner.

Here at The Dreamcast Junkyard, we welcome pretty much everything Dreamcast related with open arms, particularly new games appearing on the system; however this development seems especially interesting as a few of the categories pictured are from genres we’ve not seen on the platform since the plug was pulled back in the day.
Fade to Black is now officially a Dreamcast title. Review coming soon.
Feel free to follow the link below to JoshProd’s Facebook page and cast your own vote, and let us know in the comments what you want to see. Here at the 'Yard, we actively encourage wild speculation about which games will come to the Dreamcast next. 3D racer? Another 2D shooter? Survival horror? It seems the choice is in our hands...

Check out the poll on the JoshProd Facebook page. Remember you can also order the latest releases from JoshProd at Videogames New York, Play-Asia, Rush on Game and The Bit Station.


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  2. A poll to lower the prices would be good!

  3. How do I +1 Teddy Rogers's comment?!

  4. Very happy to see JoshProd continue to support the Dreamcast!

    I want to see more doujin-shooters. Like Infinos Gaiden, from makers of Battle Crust. Puzzle games, 2D platformers, 2D run & gunners, 2D scrolling beat em ups. Official release of Cave Story would be awesome. Ports of classic point and click adventures, like the ones from Delphine Software. No more NeoGeo ports, please..

  5. My vote is for a new 3D Action Platform, I can't wait to see what will come from this <3

  6. Arcade footy! Or arcade Wrestling. Or arcade golf! An arcade sports compendium!

  7. How long till okinara rush, that's what I wanna see,and just one neo geo port of blazing star

    1. Agree, Okinawa Rush looks sick. But I guess, if anything, we will get ports of NGCD games made by Visco. Forget about anything made by SNK themselves...

  8. What about another light gun game?