More new stuff...

I went to Gamestation t'other day and guess what? 2 DC games for a fiver!!!! I could barely contain myself, but I battled through the crowd surrounding the DC section and got Ready 2 Rumble Round 2 and Red Dog (see below) for five English Pounds. I also picked up the classic online puzzler Chu Chu Rocket for a quid. 3 GAMES FOR £6! God Bless the Dreamcast and it's demise.


  1. I got Chu Chu for free. I told the Dixons spods that you got it bundled with DC, and they believed me.

  2. ha ha, nice one. Most shops that sell games employ people that havnet got a fucking clue. For that matter, so do most dedicated games shops - Game in Manchester is a prime example, I asked this guy behind the counter if the PSP was roughly the same size as a gamegear (before the psp had some out), and he didnt know what a gamegear was!!!! I shit you not.