Soul Calibur + Fishing Controller = Wii!

, hRemember the "wii-style" game play made possibly by combining the Maracas with World Series Baseball that turned out to be a mistake on my hand? Well, this time it's real. The closet thing to game play like what you get on Nintendo's Wii has been available for six years. Good old Dreamcast.

This isn't a new discovery. In fact, being able to play Soul Calibur with the fishing controller was revealed back in issue 2 of Official Dreamcast Magazine UK in their review of the game. They even interviewed a Kendo expert who was impressed with the accuracy possible with the controller. Here's the scoop, click 'em:

Now, I've been meaning to try this out for a long time, but only just got myself a fishing controller (the third-party "Fission" one, from Game Station for £3) recently, and only just this weekend finally got my hands on a working copy of Soul Calibur from a boot sale, as I played my original copy so much that it wouldn't even run anymore. I've missed this game so much, as it's easily the best game on the Dreamcast full stop, but the first thing I did when getting the game home was plug my fishing controller in with it.

The controls work pretty darn well, I must say. Unless you want to block attacks, you don't have to press any buttons in-game, and the analogue to walk about is not a problem to use. It depends on the character, but certain swings of the fisher' do register directly into the game, albeit flashier. Only thing in the controls you will want to change is the R buttons config. You will want the default "free style" setting, but change the R button setting to anything but P+A+K , which makes you charge up a whole lot, which ends up with you getting a pummelling. The most realistic setting is to change it to A+K, as this makes it so most characters will spin their weapon about if you spin the reel.

Certain characters with this setting use the reel for different moves. Taki uses it to somersault over the opponent, where as Yosimitsu uses it to stand on his blade which he jumps on by flicking the Fisher upwards. Pushing the analogue in different directions while swinging will give you even more moves to work with.

To save me describing all the things you can pull off, I've gone to the bother to filming footage showing how moves can be pulled off with some characters. The quality isn't brilliant (I really shouldn't of picked the lighter levels, as this caused those annoying black lines) but it should give you an idea of how it works, and yes, you do look like a prat when playing this, so only my hands are seen =P

So the best characters to play as with it seem to be Yosimitsu, Kilik, Seung Mina, Hwang, Cevanties and Mitsuragi, although it works pretty well enough with all of them. On the subject of Wii style game play on the Dreamcast, check out this early Dreamcast concept controller design found at Kotaku:

Hmm. Now all I need to complete this post is another "old hat!" image.
Eh, I'll just use the same one again.

UPDATE! Found another clip showing the game running with the fishing controller on Youtube. It comes from a DVD given away with the infamous Japanese magazine Famitsu, and shows some guy playing the game in ultra hard mode with it. I'm a bit dubious about this one though, as all he appears to be doing is shaking the controller up and down the whole time. No skill whats so ever, I could wupp him at this. However, it does show a much better demonstration of how it works at the start.

Edit: Forgot the Kotaku image I meant to post. Oops. It's in there now.


  1. Ok, you've quite documented this impressive "truth", but are you sure you haven't tried it in some sort of demo mode? I mean, really, really, sure?

    Of course you are. Another great Dreamcast treat then...

  2. Right well there's wii contoller innovation blurb gone out the window. Great post.

  3. wii= £???
    Dreamcast = £20

    yeah i think its better for people to just buy a dreamcast.Oh and Sonics on it....

    great article i really think in the 2nd vid theres a guy with a controller sitting on the floor

  4. What's more, there's no way that could be ultra hard mode, as the AI of the CPU is useless!

  5. I got through that game by button mashing

  6. I'm positive that when I tried it with the rod it was just a case of "shake the rod and it executes random moves."

  7. Nah, there's a skill to it mate. You can pull off just about every move with this thing if you mess about. Shaking it does pull off random moves because it's the equivalent of button bashing (AKA playing cheap)

  8. Ah, that'll be it then. I am, afterall, renowned in my house for the pateted Tom/Kilik 'four-buttons-at-the-same' pad mashing...!

    An easy victory is guaranteed my friends!

  9. I brought a copy of Maken X (great game btw) and really hope the rod works with that as it would make a great game even better! Also i think its quite simaliar to Red Steel on Wii so if it works it could be a Wii beater :p

  10. Hmm, maybe I should try that out, then. I doubt it will work though, but I'm gonna try out the Fishing controller on more games to see what results I get.

  11. have you tried the maracas with Ready 2 Rumble? That'd be good it if worked.

  12. I have, and nope, it didn't work at all. =(

  13. Typical... It's the anti-tomleece conspirators trying to break your spirit, you know...