Just A Quickie....

Hey Peeps, Just posting a short note to inform you all of a lovely thing that happened to me this weekend. Now, this will not be a long epistle, for a number of reasons... 1.) It's quite late and I really should be doing other 'household/responsible father' type activities... 2.) It's not really a Dreamcast related topic, although I think I'll be able to form some type of tedious link to our favourite console... 3.) Due to my recent blogging frustrations, I'm half expecting Blogger to wipe out my 'creative writing' half way through, causing me to cry/ smash up my computer! O.K. here goes... The Three Gingers persuaded me to take a diversion on the way to the Lighthouse this weekend, swinging by the hallowed 'Gamestation' to offload a ton of 'other console' guff in a 'trade in' stylee... We took a load of PS2 games, a couple of DS games and a disfunctional PS2, ("mwuah ha ha!" he laughed evilly... They didn't know it is as temperamental as hell, and took it without testing! Ha! Take that Big Business!) Anyway, by the time they'd toted it up we got a massive trade in coupon worth... wait for it... £142! Hurrah! So, dear reader, it meant that the biggest Gingers had enough money to score the new Vice City game for PSP, plus Pro Evolution 6 for the PS2. O.K... That left me with £50 to indulge my Dreamcast obsession. Now regular visitors to this site (or said store) will know that you can pick up about 12 Dreamcast games for that amount of cash. However, on inspection of the DC section there was nothing I wanted or hadn't got... Just loads of copies of UEFA Dream Soccer... O.K. so they had Soul Calibur (I've got four copies...) Virtua Tennis (got it... although maybe I should have scored a back up copy in case of civil war or something...) Space Channel 5 for £2.50? I paid £7 plus postage for this gay dancing odyssey... BAH! HUMBUG! Now I didn't have £50 to spend you understand, I had £50 to trade... So I couldn't leave the shop empty handed. Damn! I had to check out the Saturn fayre... O.K. they had Virtua Racing for the Saturn... but it was £7.99. Hmmm... I fancied it but it wasn't essential... nothing else grabbed my attention... Over to "the cabinets". Now if you've ever visited this esteemed store, you will know that some of the best (retro at least) stuff they have in there, is locked behind glass, at bargain basement pices. First thing I saw was a 'boxed-up' "Virtua Cop 2" Light Gun package for the Saturn. Gun and game in themed box for £15.

Result!!! Next, (and this is what has inspired me to post) was presented in the cabinet just lying there, just waiting silently for me to find it, fall in love with it, and buy it instantly... (Despite the fact I'd never heard of it or quite frankly never needed it...) It was this.... Sega Game Gear!!!!!! Like the grandaddy to the PSP, and the superior ripost to Nintendo's ' Gayboy'.... Sorry Gameboy. This was Sega's bold attempt to enter the 'hand held' market. It's lifespan was from 1990 to 1997 and it notched up an impressive collection of titles... (see Wikipedia) I've so far played 'Ninja Gaiden' and 'Columns'... the Sega version of Tetris... which incidentally was a feature of the Dreamcast title 'Sega Smash Pack' (see how I cleverly linked up to the Dreamcast?... And just to add other weird synchronicity to this experience, one of the other titles I picked up was the Sega Smash Pack for the Gameboy Advance for £5... which I can play on my DS! Including.. Golden Axe! (See earlier post....) plus ECCO & Sonic Spinball. ( A rare import for the GBA) Now as if all this wasn't enough, as I went to pay for said haul at the counter, I noticed in the peripheral section, a 'see through' green Madcatz DC controller for the princely sum of 99p!!!! It goes perfectly with my 'see through' green Dreamcast...

So there is a God,

He has a plan, and Gamestation is where you can experience it. Post over. Good night children, wherever you are... P.S. Whilst researching 'Game Gear' I've just discovered that it is the favourite console of Mexican Love Goddess Salma Hayek! Who would have thought it???


  1. Awesome purchase.

    I still have my game gear. and a bunch of games. I was never able to find any damn RPGs for the system though. It was the only system I ever had until my dreamcast when I was in college!

    (So I guess Dreamcast was not my offical FIRST system but hell it was the first actual console so it still counts.)


    Fatal Fury SE was good. I never got to play mulitplayer though.

    As was Double Dragon ? I forget the title for it but it was fun and I beat the whole thing while traveling from NYS to florida one time.

    Batman Forever ? was one of the better looking titles. I beat it.

    Sonic 2 of course was infuriating since if you missed just one of the damn chaos gems you don't get the good ending. And the gameplay is so damn quick I think at the old age of 25 I could no longer play the damn thing. No more 13 year old reflexes.

    And Zoop anyone? Did anyone think that the zoop puzzle game was any good?

    I gotta get that thing out of retirement and see how well it plays!

    I wonder how well the TV tuner worked on that?

    And wasn't there a adaptor that let you play Genesis games on a game gear? Or am I going insane in my old age?

    It was lucky that Salma Hayek happened to be a Game Gear fan!

  2. caleb it seems that some of your magical purchasing power has somehow transferred itself via the internet, and indeed I did make an awesome purchase the other night.
    There is indeed a TV add on feature which must have been the height of innovation at the time...
    Not sure about being able to play genesis/megadrive games on it although I think they made simultaneous releases akin to the Gamecube/GBA title releases of recent times. whats happening with your blog? I've seen the Halloween pics, have you done any more to it?

  3. Don't buy Virtua Racing for the Saturn, the Saturn version is shite. Get the Mega Drive or, if it's even possible to get the console, the 32X version, instead.

    Oh, and was that four copies of Soul Calibur? I have only one and it's on it's way to the death bed by scratches. Any chance could you send me one, if any are in better nick? =D

  4. Would be delighted to... Email me your address! I'm not the fastest respondent but I'll get to it if you keep prompting me...
    Thanks for the tip. £7.99 is quite a price for a Saturn game.
    However when you see a game for a retro console that still fetches a good price it kind of gets you interested... Thats what prompted me to buy Shenmue, and what a result that was...
    Where is your FV2 review? I await it eagerly... have been playing it quite a bit on the Saturn along with the original Dead Or Alive and Daytona.
    Hope Uni is still pleasurable... You must be due a break soon?
    good to hear from you!

  5. Brilliant, funny and Space Channel for nada. Another great one oh father...

  6. Cheers Gnome!
    Does this mean you're back from your self imposed exile? I'll just nip over to your place now for a look...
    What do you think of my cheap blogging device of picturing hotties on my ramblings (at the end) so the reader forgets about the crap I've written and leaves with a lovely image, thus improving their opinion of the post? I think it could catch on(LOL!)

  7. .......£50 and it's like an early Christmas, Most truly i have cried into my Gear of War tin box......which i must attest i haven't played for over a week..... a beautiful (sinful) post....

  8. Always believed in your artistic yet subtle ways of making a post stand out visually, fatherkrishna. Oh, and the Lynx was better than the GG. Still is. Forgot to mention that really.

    Exile died.

    Elderly's warmongry (gearmongry too) purchases killed it. Thanks Elderly.

  9. The Lynx? What is this beast of which you speak oh Gnomic one?

    Elderly always good to have your good self in the 'Yard...

  10. The Lynx was the handheld that Atari unleashed in order to crush (maim and rape) the Gameboy, but was subsequently gangbanged by both the Gameboy and the Game Gear. Still, it was the most powerful handheld around till the NeoGeo Pocket and the GBA!

    I surely must have written something about it in the Lair...

  11. Ah, the good old Game Gear. I had me one of them years ago. If you can find them, be sure to grab GG Shinobi and its sequel as both were great.

    I had the TV Tuner and was reasonably impressed with it (I was 12 at the time) but found it really came into its own during a family holiday to Germany where (and this is the God's honest truth) I found it was somehow able to pick up a couple of satellite TV channels and some of their *ahem* 'intriguing' late night shows...

  12. Jesus! The Path! I can pick up 'Gentleman's Relish' on my Game Gear if I take a holiday in 1990's Germany... Gnome! Elderly! How do I go back in time? Surely one of you know the appropriate magic??
    I'm eagerly awaiting your response... God I'm firm in anticipation... porn on Game Gear!!! Who'd a thunk it????
    Ms. Pacman is looking kinda cute right now...

  13. Porn! Porn porn!


    (I'll stop now befoe I go blind)

  14. You better had Gnome, it's affecting your spelling already...