Fideo Friday! #2

This week we have 'The Real Shenmue', a video posted by AndriaSang in which we get to see the real Yokosuka! You know, the little town you walked around in Shenmue? Yes, two guys actually flew all the way there just to see how much like the game it was. Some would call that sad, I would call it dedication to the undead console (well, actually, this was filmed in 2001, at which point it wasn't dead at all yet but er...shut up!)! Unfortunately, there is no arcade featuring the Hang On cabinet, and no capsule machines full of Sega toys, but you do get to see the harbour where you cold look for sailors FOR REAL, and also Dobutia Street which even has Tom's stand (which is closed)! Of course the game was set in 1986 (although that doesn't explain how Ryo had a Sega Saturn in his house) so a few things have changed since then, but still, wonder if the old git hat always tells you he's very busy, then sits down to feed the pigeons is still alive and well?

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  1. Great Fideo Friday post! Jeez the guys are comitted!

    I have to say that if I was some spoiled American kid, I'd probably blow my money in the same way...

    Or maybe not...