Red Ringer? Bum Stinger? Poo Finger?

Add your own title to this "Lavendar" tribute to one of my FAVOURITE Dreamcast games... Whilst this was obviously a piss take of the game, highlighting the gay relationship between Elliot and Dogs...

I loved it! Despite the homo erotic overtones, the only thing this clip did was make me want to play this horror-survival classic!

YES! I want to see Dogs in a Santa Claus suit! Yes! I want to complete this game! I'll use my *Hallowed* Blue Stinger strategy guide (Bought off eBay for a snippance).

At the end of the day, I'm open minded... If Elliot and Dogs are 'Friends of Dorothy' so be it...

If their 'man love' can help me defeat their mutual six armed mutated foes then so be it!


Cripes! Heck! Blimey!


  1. Oh my... you're definitely corrupting our youth, you are...

  2. Credit for this particularly funny clip goes to Caleb, who first posted it on the wonderful Hunyak blog!

  3. I claim no credit for the finding of this video... fact I would like to offically say I have never scene that video before...