Dreamcast Zip Drive

Currently appearing on eBay and flagged up by our very own Nick944 on the Planet Dreamcast Forum, this oh so rare thing of beauty is the prototype Dreamcast Zip Drive.
The description on the eBay sale goes like this...

"The Zip Drive extension box was designed for the Sega Dreamcast. There is a physical connection that joins the setup game console with the extension box. This was the only prototype in the world. It never made it to manufacturing since Sega had cancelled their hardware gaming console business plans The original purpose of the extension box was to save game scores to the Zip media and load additional players characters into the Dreamcast games. This is a rare collectible item for the serious gamer connoisseur."

With a current bid of $1631.02, this is one expensive little collectible... If I was filthy rich I'd be bidding for it right now, as I'm not however, I guess I'll just dream about it. Thanks Nick for bringing it to our attention!


  1. I really wish I knew if it sold. It says that the reserve was not met, but he still might have sold it, as I don't see it relisted.

  2. At one point this thing was up with a buy it now price of $20,000! Naturally, no one went near i and it's dropped big time. Besides, can it even do anything? You'd need some sort of software to use the ZIP drive, but seeing as it's a's just a lump of plastic. Still, interesting.

  3. $20,000!!! "Optimistic" is the kindest thing I could say about that particular price tag!

  4. I still think the reason why he started dropping the price is because everyone became suspicious of it being a fake at racketboy and the benheck forums

  5. Well, there's really no point in having this, unless you're filthy rich and want to be able to say out loud "I have every single piece of Dreamcast-related hardware"!

    Anyway, both this and the most excellent find that gagaman posted before got me wondering, what could have been the future of the Dreamcast?...

  6. Wow, thanks for pointing this out. I wonder what happens when you plug it in to the DC - is it usable?