Some cool Dreamcast review videos from The Classic Game Room

You know what? Looking back the '90s were pretty damn cool. There was actually good music on the radio all the time. We had kick ass Sega consoles to play video games on. My taste in clothing and personal hygiene were seen as "cool" and "Grunge" rather than "being a scruffy looking SOB". For a very brief time the Internet was cool as well. This was before vast amounts of idiots knew how to invade EVERY SINGLE decent chat room and message board. And of course the late '90s were the time of the Dreamcast (back before it became undead). This was also the time of the Classic Game Room. The first retro video game review Internet show.

Before the dot-com bubble burst this show reviewed the latest and greatest video games. You can learn more about the show at their website.

Anyways, they reviewed video games in a minimalist style that was sometimes insane, but always fun to watch. Here are a selection of some of their reviews of Dreamcast titles. You can learn something about the games, but please take these with a grain of salt. They were meant to be for entertainment. For Gods sakes they gave "Gundam" a higher rating than "Virtual On"!!! But still, enjoy...

...Did I also post these because I am too busy to make my own review video? Yes.


  1. good post! These guys are bad in front of the camera but they have pretty funny lines...pretty entertaining.

  2. Ahhh! the 90's good chatrooms, music, girls, raves & highschool. why do good times always pass?

  3. GREAT!!! I was looking for Classic Game Room videos a couple of months ago, and gave up. I'm so glad you posted all of these! I really want Draconus and Chu Chu Rocket now.

  4. Good music always on the radio in the 90's? Which station did you listen to? XD

  5. In other news...these guys who reviewed these really ain't that funny, and sound like drunk trolls half of the time. I'm glad you didn't post the Ecco one actually, as they spend the whole video talking about stabbing dolphins? and er...that's it. They're not funny.

  6. I thought these videos were entertaining since they show just how far internet video has come through the years.

    Maybe it was just my own nostalgia though.

    Tell you what, I will avoid posting low budget internet video game review shows from the 90's from now on.

  7. I didn't say don't post them, don't take me the wrong way: they're worth a watch and worth being here, I just didn't find their humor all too funny personally.

  8. This show was great back when it was online in 1999-2000. Hey, if you compare to this to video game reviews of today, it's a lot better than the garbage that gets put out. There are actually some people that told me that they can't COMPREHEND a different style of reviewing other than, "cussing like sailors at bad 8-bit games." What the HELL!?

    Anyway, loved the Game Room DVD, and this show will always be one of the best. Several will be quick to jump in and say how much it sucks just to gain 'cool' points on a forum or blog, but this show was unique and was far more real than reviews of today.

    I'd trust these guys over the obvious non-gamer that does GameTrailers review voiceovers anyday. The Game Room had integrity. They were on the verge of a sponsorship/partnership with Nintendo, and thrwe it all way by giving a harsh review of Perfect Dark and the Nintendo 64. Sites like Gamespot, IGN, and Gametrailers wouldn't DARE do such a thing these days, especially after the user backlash from GS's review of Twilight Princess. GameTrailers flat out blasted NBA 2k8, and then gave it a cupcake score of 8.0/10. Despicable.

    Keep posting what you want to, caleb, and don't be influenced by people that are impossible to please.

  9. Uh...Anonymous...

    I don't think I am really taking this as seriously as you are.

    I personally might rail against some of the contemporary reviewers out there, but for the most part there they are just there for entertainment.

    (Except when Screwattack ran a review of Shining Force saying that it wasn't worth $5 on VC. That was Bull.)

    As for mainstream review sites, well bad games get a 6 or a 7. That's what happens. You can go and find indy reviewer or try out the game for yourself.

    I think everyone already knows that there really isn't a decent review site/internet review show out there anymore. Unless you count "Still gaming" which is pretty cool.

    Gagaman(n) - I respect your opinion. (And there aren't any other internet review shows from the 90's that had Dreamcast content anyway. So I can't really post anything like this anymore.)

  10. Excellent round up Caleb... Ahhh, Chu Chu Rocket...

  11. Seeing as the Dreamcast didn't even land in Japan until late 1998, it's pretty obvious there won't be much Dreamcast content from the 90's. The Dreamcast was the early start of the new millennium baby =)

  12. while gundam side story may not have been as good as virtual on, renpou vs zeon will get my vote any day.