An N64 emulator for the Dreamcast? Surely not!

We've all seen that the Dreamcast can be quite the clever piece of kit when it comes to emulation. The fact that it can run Playstation 1 games at more or less full speed via Bleem is impressive enough, but now it looks as if someone has found a way to run Nintendo 64 games on it! Even more surprisingly, it has apparently been done by simply porting a PSP version of the emulator over with almost zero extra work, and at least for Super Mario 64, it runs with almost all the graphics intact! There is no sound and it runs at 10fps at the fastest, but this is still an incredible feat! Here's a video that the programmer named Simpson474 put together:

It really does seem too good to be true, doesn't it? has all the technical details:


  1. I like how Mario has a Mr. T thing going on. This is way impressive considering the only other n64 can only show the title screen of wave race 64.

  2. "Because I’m sure that this emulator will never run playable, I won’t continue the development. This was just a test for me to see, how the SH4 would perform emulating the N64."

    thx to share us your development work, we see at least somebody tryed to do something nice...
    I hope that all of this didn't put you down .. remember a SegaDC is for Sonic not mario ;)

    a big thx to all your work

  3. you know he isn't part of this site right?

  4. Hmm.

    I got a ton of N64 stuff since people my area seem to have alot of it for sale.

    There really isn't any N64 games I would really desire on the Dreamcast.

    I guess it would be kinda cool to play Zelda OoT but I already have the original plus both Gamecube remakes.

  5. Very very impressive! Thank you Gagaman...

  6. This isn't really a 'I want to play mario 64 on m Dreamcast' thing so much as another piece of evidence of just how much fans with programming skills have been able to push the Dreamcast to it's limits. Six years ago it was considered a technical marvel that the Dreamcast could emulate the SNES, and while they could just program emulators for more powerful consoles, they keep coming back to the Dreamcast.

  7. A brilliant discovery Gagaman(n) and again testament to the development potential of our beloved little white box... If someone has the ability to take N64 emulation this far, you can garantee that someone else will tweak it further in the future...

    (oh! and BTW Gagaman(n)theres something that might make you smile over at the SJY regarding Seaman...)

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