Powerstone: A Video Review!

The only reason I'm posting this is 'cos the God-like entity that is NebachadnezzaR told me to do so! 'Nuff said!


  1. Wow!

    I never realized how much Powerstone resembled Bioshock.

    -Wrong video embed there FK-

  2. Here's the right one:

    Thanks for trying to post it for me, Father =)

  3. LOL! I see you spotted my New Year deliberate mistake! caleb you win the prize of seeing the Powerstone one...

  4. "deliberate mistake"


    In any case alot of people complain that the PSP version has sucky controls and is inferior to the DC versions in all ways.

    Unless you have a friend with a PSP and a copy of that game that is. Then you might want to buy it. Or if you can find it for dirt cheap. Hell I bought Shining force EXA because I got it for $5.

    Otherwise hold out for the proper Dreamcast version.

  5. (sits around looking confused)