Lost Bleemcast video (and more!)

I was sorting through all my Dreamcast videos sitting on my harddrive (some of them take up a lot of space you know), I found a piece of Bleem footage that I had forgot to upload to the youtube account, so here it is: Time Crisis Project Titan running (poorly) on the infamous emulator. You can't use the light gun, the music doesn't play and it crashes after the first area of the first stage...but it's quite amusing to watch just for the skipping voices.

So this post doesn't look quite so meek, here is a collection of some of the best Dreamcast related videos I could find recently.

A Space Channel 5 live dance show at E3 2000. Not just another excuse for seeing a girl dressed up in Ulala gear, honest. Sega's set up at E3 2000 was simply magical, wasn't it?

A Saturn and a Dreamcast slagging each other off. Like that ancient Dreamcast Vs PS2 one, sort of.

A early tech demo that teases us with Scud Race models. Why did we never get a port of that game?

Hot naked Dreamcast porn. Actually, it's a video tutorial on calibrating your GD-Rom drive.

Dreamcast Hip-Hop from 'The Big Cheese' Sure beats that song Mega64 did, even if he is singing in in his kitchen.

A run through the "What's Shenmue?" demo. With narration that points out the subtle differences. Worth watching just for the cameo by Sega executive Hidekazu Yukawa.

Mario Kart 64 (just about) running on the Dreamcast. These emulators are just getting more ambitious, aren't they?

A expansive guide to getting good at Street Fighter 3rd Strike. Brilliantly edited with clips of Shenmue.


  1. absolutely stunning video round up Gagaman(n), I'd not seen any of these and they were all a pleasure to watch! With all this activity on the 'Yard, I'm feeling inspired to have a weekend playing the Dreamcast instead of these new fangled consoles which have me distracted for the moment...

  2. Man, the Scud Race model looks beautiful... Why did we never we get a Dreamcast port? Why, SEGA???

    The Mario Kart video also looks impressive, besides the bad framerate there were no graphical glitches (or at least no major ones). Now if they could just find a way to improve the speed... Yeah, I know, it sounds impossible to have a proper n64 emu running on a Dreamcast, but you never know what the dedicated fans will come up with...

  3. Yeah, that Mario Kart 64 video is quite impressive - especially when most emu sites claim it would be impossible to run N64 roms on DC hardware. To have a playable N64 emulator on the DC would be incredible.