Dreamcast Love Continues...

A rather silly but affectionate look at our favourite console and it slags off Bernie Stolar or whatever that Saturn killing c**ks**ker was called. Enjoy!
(Oh and here's a Dreamcast alarm clock that just went for about £20 on ebay!)


  1. You can't call yourself a true Dreamcast (or Sega fan, for that matter) unless you own that clock.

  2. Bernie also lowered the price of the American Dreamcast by -$50 at launch!

    WHY? Americans would have paid the extra money!

    With that extra money the Dreamcast might have had some extra time to expand...

    Plus he pissed off working designs which was stupid...We could have had some awesome games for the Dreamcast from them if he hadn't screwed up...

  3. I like the Gooch and Dooshebag reviews, but the saturn and dreamcast are to low on the list. It's also obvious there #1 is the NES *shakes head in disgust*

  4. It's a hideous clock. Worse, you can see they just stuck the case around one of those super-cheapo plastic clocks you can pick up for about a quid (look at the face and hands!)

    Now, my Dreamcast backpack on the other hand... ;)

  5. Well as the buyer of the clock I can say that it looks better in the flesh than it does in the photo, but it is rather plain looking, unlike the Dreamcast watch which is amazing :)

    Hey paperghost, yeah the backpack is nice isnt it? you planning on getting the carry case and bumbag as well? I have the set and its very nice.