Dreamcast Remake?

You know Tectoy? It's the Brazilian toy company that sometimes makes Sega stuff.

They has something interesting on their website.

Basically it's a sort of poll that asks which console people would want them to remake. Oh course they are not saying that they *are* going to remake the console that is chosen but...

(I miss Photoshop)
Here are the stats:

Game Gear (5.3%)
Dreamcast (91.0%)
Pense Bem (3.7%)

I think this is VERY interesting. Normally Tectoy seems to like to shrink consoles down and put a ton of games on them via flash memory. Could they do something like this for the Dreamcast??? Is it technically possible? Of course I suppose it could be. Is it financially viable to do this? That I am not sure of...

Still we can all dream. It would be nice if they could somehow remake the Dreamcast. However, is there really any point? How can you really improve on the Dreamcast? I suppose if they do something radical like wireless controllers or a built in screen or pre-load it with rare games...

In any case keep an eye out.

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  1. Didn't know the Dreamcast was so popular in Brazil, I thought they only cared about the SMS and Mega Drive there...

    Anyway, this is interesting news, let's see what comes out of this. Nothing? A mere re-release? Or a tectoy customized Dreamcast? Oh, the possibilities...

  2. Brazil = SEGA Country

  3. I don't care how they change it if they rerelease it, I'm definately going to import one. :D

  4. I would love to own one of their Mega Drives with 80 games built in, that's more games than I even own for it! They even have DVD players on there with built in mega Drive games! I doubt they could pull off something like that for the Dreamcast, mind, but this is still pretty interesting.

  5. This is very interesting. I did a post about tectoy on GGOTG and the interesting gaming situation with Sega and Brazil. It kind of makes sense that with the Dreamcast now being very last gen and to some extent obsolete (though not in OUR hearts!) it would be ripe for tectoy and the Brazilian market...