Collection Video! Oh god.

After Caleb made his video showing off all the Dreamcast stuff lying around his house, it inspired me to make a similar video of my own. Of course, that was over a year ago and now I've finally gotten around to it now that for once I don't have Dreamcast stuff waiting in the post, although you'll see a fishing controller in the video I received the day I filmed this.. which I believe was Thursday.
I may not have any of the charm, wit and skill at video blogging as the American Dreamcaster has, but hopefully you'll be able to make out all the mumbly crap that blurts out of my mouth here. I cut it down to just under 10 minutes and added music in a hope that it may be slightly more watchable so er...enjoy?
Just so you know, I have a couple more videos in the works as we speak so er, hopefully they;ll show up at some point if I get around to finishing them. Whoo! And all that.


  1. I still want to jump on a train to your house and spend three weeks playing all these games. :D

  2. You're sad, bored and lonely? xD Kudos for making me laugh right at the start of the video

    Damn nice collection. Oh, and I have a working copy of Virtua Striker 2, came with my 2nd Dreamcast :)

    BTW, this is completely off-topic, but I just saw Forbidden Kingdom and indeed there's a Dreamcast right at the start of the movie, under the main character's TV.

  3. I rather like your narrative style actually, it's unassuming and witty. As for your collection, I think it's great. And it always makes me smile when I see a massive DC hoard and then hear the nonchalant words, "I've got some more of those in the loft!" Keep it up please.

  4. Great video! The collection is stunning, lots of nice goodies! The Japanese game collection is very cool.

    I have a working copy of Virtua Striker 2 you can have if you want (I've got two) although I have to say it's a terrible game...

    just email me your address and I'll send you it!

    I have to say that your collection trumps mine, although I have the Treamcast... You should really think about grabbing one!

    BTW, what is the Spawn game like? I didn't even know there was one!

  5. Father, the Spawn game is very similar to Heavy Metal Geomatrix. If you've never played that one, it's somewhat like powerstone but in a 3rd person, behind-the-character view, and with a more mature theme. Entertaining, but nothing special, at least when played alone.

  6. Krishna: Nah, don't worry about the Virtua Striker. I mainly kept picking it up because it was the one game my dad would constantly play on the Dreamcast. I tried him out on some other football games but he liked the instant jump-in-and-play nature of VS2. I'll have to get him Pro Evo on the Wii at some point me thinks.

    As Nebach said, Spawn is alright but nothing remarkable. It looks good and has loads of playable characters but the controls and camera are a little dodgy. Worth a look into though for cheap.

  7. wierd question: is it possible to display a decent dc picture on a HD tv? scart is wank - does S-VHS make difference? or are we destined to play blurred DC games forever more?

  8. Tom: best bet is to get a VGA cable. Only snag is not all LCD's have a VGA port and not all VGA ports in LCD's are compatable with the Dreamcast, so it's a case of trial before you buy. I had to hunt around to get one, and my one is also very good at rendering Scart connections, so they look pretty sweet too.

  9. Awesome video Gagaman(n)!

    It's great that you have all your stuff organized. I finally got a lot of my Dreamcast stuff nicely set up in cases. Perhaps it's time I did another video.

    Spawn is also 4 player. So if you have a big TV and people who like retro games it might be worth it.