Metal Gear Solid: Dreamcast VS PS2

A side to side comparison of the Bleemcast version of Metal Gear Solid VS the PS2 version Metal Gear Solid. Yeah NOT the original MGS disk running on a PS2. This is the version they recently released in the Metal Gear Solid 3 pack for the PS2...

The Dreamcast version had some blurring of the text but the rest of the comparison will shock you...(Well, it didn't shock me as much as leave me with a smug feeling that's gonna last all day)

And now to get a copy of Bleemcast for Metal Gear Solid. Unlike other bleem offerings you can actually save your game. Of course this takes up a whole VMU dedicated to Playstation saves but thats not really a problem for a guy like me who hase collected like 20 of them.

So while all the current-gen sheep line up to buy MGS4 I will be playing the best game of the series on the best console of all time...

All hail the Undead console!


  1. What a coincidence, I just finished MGS2 less than an hour ago!

    Now I'm off to play MGS3, got so keep myself entertained to forget about the fact that I won't be able to play MGS4 anytime soon... Damn, I want to play that game so badly, but the Pee-Ass 3 is so fucking expensive...

    Too bad the official Bleem releases were never ripped, I would like to try the original MGS on my Dreamcast.

  2. It's a pretty nifty vid I'll say that! bleemcast version looks just as good as the supposedly 'polished' PS2 rerelease. I just find my own Bleem disc so god damned temperamental...

  3. Well, you can play an even improved version on the Gamecube.