SOTB:GR Video Review and 'Why The Visuals Aren't That Bad After All...' Clip...

First is a quite funny video review of the excellent (see how fickle I am?) SOTB: Gut's Rage.
Wait for the quite disturbing quote "but at least Tinkerbell had a hot body..." I found it rather amusing!

Next is an example of just how good the visuals get towards the end (SPOILER ALERT!)
Now either the developers were tripping when they wrote this, or I was tripping when I was playing it... (Pesky kids! They've spiked me horlicks with mescaline again...)



  1. One of the few Game Room reviews I can tolerate because the guys in it don't keep trying to be edgy throughout for once, like that stupid Ecco review they did where they just talked about killing dolphins the whole time, for some reason. Most of the time they're not funny but this one was good.

    I really liked the cut scenes in Bezerk, if only they were shorter and there was a way to maybe skip them. I have never been able to play all the way though it because I need to dedicate at least an hour to it for about 10 minutes of gameplay, just far too many cut scenes.

  2. Those videos just reminded me exactly how good that game was. I got to find a working copy and finish it sometime.

  3. I loved the end boss in this game.

    So kick ass.

    (and easier to beat than that stupid demon in the earlier stage)

    My BIGGEST complaint about this game is the running and jumping portions which were annoying as hell.

  4. I finally found a working copy that didn't freeze near the end and thus was able to finally beat it (thank god I didn't delete my old save file). It was just a blast to the very end, I think I'm gonna watch the anime now :)

  5. Glad you enjoyed it dear Nebacha! it's definitely my best gaming experience weeks...