Hands On Samba De Amigo Wii!

This is straight from the excellent Sega Nerds website... It's making me wonder whether I should just go out and buy it right now, instead of saving my hard earned sterlings for Soul Calibur 4. I've got the original DC version, plus two sets of third party maracas. I've also got the PS2 Sega Superstars version. But it looks so great! I might sneak out and get it right now... Is it released in the UK yet? OK, my PC is being really shit and I cannot present this post as I want it... So I'll just post the video...

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  1. There is some great videos of the game at Gamekyo (jeux-france). Looks amazing, a real leap in graphics from the Dreamcast and still true to the original in every possible way. Most anticipated game of the year now, seriously. being able to play the game in 2 player (never got around to buying a 2nd maraca set) alone is enough to make me buy it.

    Oh, and I fixed the resolution of the video for you =)

  2. It looks like a good port indeed, but I certainly wouldn't go for it if I already had the Dreamcast version and a pair of maracas...

  3. I'm going for it despite owning the original for multiple reasons:
    1) 2 player without having to buy another set of DC Maracas.

    2) More songs, including new downloadable ones.

    3) Sega character cameos!

    4) Sega deserves more money for Samba De Amigo's greatness.

  4. Alright Gagaman(n) you've convinced me... I'm getting it! (Although I'll have to buy another nunchuck as well...)