Dr. Robotnik still plays his Dreamcast

Look at that picture. Now look closer. Can you see a little white box of awesomeness? Okay, I'll help, it's right next to the old doctor's finger. The screen is from the new Sonic Unleashed and was spotted by the good folks over at Sega Nerds.

By the way, about the game, I have it and I've played a couple of stages already (one of each type of gameplay) and let me tell you, so far this looks like the best Sonic game that came out after Sonic Adventure 2. Surprising, I know, but really, unless something really disappoints me in the next stages, this is going to be a blast to play. The speed stages are simply made of awesomeness, the town stages are pretty much like they were in SA1, only a little less annoying, and the infamous werehog levels are...not so bad, actually. They're a little tedious, yes, but they add variety to the game and keep the speed levels fresh. Besides, even the SA games were not made of speed levels only.

Like I heard someone saying recently, the problem with a lot of people nowadays is that they don't even know what they want in a Sonic game anymore, and while Unleashed is not its best title yet, it's definitely a huge step forward in the right direction. It doesn't even compare to the disgrace that was the first Sonic game on the 360 and PS3...


  1. Hey there, I wanted to tell you about that game as well but you already did it perfectly ! Indeed, this Sonic doesn't deserve the often heavy in disappointment reviews it's got so far. It's not perfectly balanced, and the werehog levels are in fact very long, but they're fun to play, varied, well designed and gorgeous. There are also alternative levels, such as the one in which you are on Tails plane, which is looking really great and which brings a refreshing change between the more classical levels.
    I completely agree, this one the closest Sonic we've had from the first Sonic Adventure, with the Sega feeling I love on the look and feel (fast, colorful) and an efficient gameplay that one needs to master before really enjoying it.
    Oh, and the CG movies are just looking fucking great!
    Sega's not dead, mates ! Give it some love, dammit !

  2. I think your comment completes my post :)
    I beat that plane stage too and it immediately reminded me of SA. This game definitely feels like a spiritual successor to the Dreamcast games. And you're right about the graphics and the CG movies, they're both gorgeous and colourful like only Sega seems to do nowadays. Not that I have anything about "grey" games, but some colours are nice once in a while, specially if they're not hidden under a sea of bloom and other effects like that.

    Sega's definitely not dead yet, and better, they seem to be learning from their mistakes.

  3. Cool - I was contemplating getting Sonic Unleashed when I finally finish Devil May Cry 4...but I'd heard it was shit. This post has made me reconsider. Nice find with the Robotnik thing tho! Hopefully, I'll get around to posting my views on Capcom Vs SNK 2 sometime soon...

  4. I've been hearing a lot of good things about Unleashed (the 360 version, not the Wii) in forums and such. The rveiews for the game seem to be completely backward, maybe because they still haven't gotten over Sonic 2006 (and can you blame them?), so when it finally shows up on the PS3 I'll be getting it.

    Oh yeah, and the Dreamcast made an apperance in that Sonic Night of the Werehog short film (which was brillaint, btw).

  5. GM - According to Facebook it was your birthday last week. Happy birthday dude!

  6. Yep, this Sunday in fact. 22, gack!

    On topic: IGN 360's review is the laziest piece of games journalism I have seen in a long time, the guy who write it actually got paid to write that shit. The video review is even worse as it just sounds like a 13 year old X-box online twat just saying it sucks a lot in the hopes people will thinks he's cool. Anyone review that states this game is worse than Sonic 2006 is completely void. 6.5 for the graphics? Seriously?

    Sorry about the rant, but as bad as Sonic 2006 was (torture), I really wish this fad where Sega has becoming the gaming industries favorite whipping boy would stop, bcause it's getting out of hand. It's saddening and pathethic and just shows how inmature gaming journalism has become.

  7. You're getting old, gagaman :D Happy belated birthday!

  8. Oh wow, check this ot (so long as you don't wan to see a tiny bit of the game's final boss):

    The Dreamcast can be seen even clearer again in Robotnik's ship. So that's three Dreamcast cameos in the game now from my counting. =D