I was reading a review of Panzer Dragoon Orta for the XBOX (thinking about picking up a copy for my 360) when it mentioned the excellent Dreamcast (and PS2, 360) shooter, Rez.

It picks up about £40-50 on eBay these days, and there's a good reason why. It's fantastic. It's mental. I've never done acid (shame on me), but the guys that made this must have been (shame on them). And you probably want to (shame on you).

Pictures don't do it justice, so here's a youtube video of someone caining it. Rez that is. Area 5 - starting somewhere in the middle...

Oh, I made a wallpaper too, you can download it by clicking here.Preview below:

EDIT: Also check out this interview with one of the members of the team that brought you Rez and Space Channel 5 here!


  1. The game is incredible, one of my favorites on the system. manged to pick up a copy of the Japanese import version for just under £20, which was nice. Of course there are many other ways to own this game now what with the Xbox Live release 9in HD, no less) and a 360 collection that will have this along with other Q Entertainment games. Still, do like owning the original release (plus I don't have a 360 anyway).

  2. Rez: Fucking psychotic! It's one of the most bizarre games I've ever played and I've got to the last stage and keep getting killed - AAARGH!

    But yeah, it's a top game and as such it deserves 'nuff respec,' innit.

  3. Thought it was worthy of another mention - plus someone might want my wallpaper.

    It's an amazing game - truly Japanese in my mind, or at least, it is not a game you can explain well. People either get it or don't.

    The XBLA release is a good one, but the original is truly amazing.

    I just got killed at the last stage again. Give it another go. I've completed it and you're in for a nice surprise!

  4. For me Rez is one of the/if not THE best interactive audiovisual experience EVER... the mix of visual style, colors, audio, enemy designs and patterns is not done by chance or by a great designer... i believe the guys behind the team have travelled to other realms of consciousness and brought us their experiences.
    In the past I've tried REZ in different non-ordinary states of consciousness and must share with you that, it is actually better when you play sober, because the experience is so well crafted and so close to a psychedelic trip that you actually don't need anything in order to make it stronger... and it all started with Kandinsky a 100 years ago.

    my 2c

  5. did you get 1 000 000 points on beyond? I've only achieved 976 000... and she still lies trapped

  6. Kandinsky Project - K-Project/Vibes/Eden are what Rez is. Must be played with the vibration pack. Wear headphones. Use VGA. Play in the dark. It's really an experience, not a game :)

  7. No, I have only just opened up "beyond", so I am playing through that as best I can. Area 5 is amazing. I have the original song (Mind Killer) from the game and it blows my mind. Everything about this game is brilliant.

  8. If you go to my website, you'll immediately notice REZ's influence :)

    BTW: level 5 has so many layers of information and influence that it could be a game on its own.

  9. Segata: Indeed you can! "Fear is a mind killer!"

  10. Hey, speaking of the Dreamcast: we're streaming a 24 hour Dreamcast gaming marathon on Monday starting at midnight (eastern time).

    I wish we could stream some Rez game play, but we'll have plenty of other gems to play. We are also trying to plan other silly things to entertain any viewers during the 24 hours.. so check us out if you've got nothing better to do that day!

    Then after Monday I'm going to blog about my experience playing Shenmue I and II for the first time (I've owned it for 8 eights but never played it!!!)

    Just wanted to drop a note about what a few random DC fans are up to in Athens, Ga.

  11. Had a burned copy of Rez for some time now, but I've gone down the Xbox route (as I have with Soul Calibur, Ikaruga snd trigger Heart Exelica). Rez is a truly hollistic experience. Personally I regret not knowing about it after swaety e fuelled rave nights where I talked bollocks and chewed my lip instead of playing this masterpiece...)

    Still I could have ended up like Lawnmower Man, so it's probably good that I didn't...

  12. REZ is like using LSD without counter effects... lol

  13. Remember to play it with the vibration pack, it adds an awful lot to the game in the form of a third sensory stimulus. They way they used rumble was absolutely inspired, it's semi-scripted like the audio for the entire 45 minutes of the game and has a lot of subtleties.