Sunday Night Blues

Ho hum. Another life-threateningly dull weekend draws to a close, then. Only thing to look forward to now is work in the morning. How pathetic...

On the other hand, whilst trawling eBay for stuff I don't need, want or have enough money to actually buy I discovered a rather cool Dreamcast peripheral:

A Desert Eagle!

According to the guff in the description, it's even got a motorised blow-back function like those guns on the old Time Crisis arcade cabinet - which is uber-cool whichever way you look at it. Blasting zombies and terrorists with a Desert Eagle? I'd buy that for a dollar...

Want it? Look here.


  1. I'd feel a bit weird owning an imitation firearm/games controller.
    Just imagine the kind of damning article the daily mail could write about how video games cause gun crime with one of those.

  2. Yes, but you could dive over the couch shouting stuff like Will Smith in Bad Boys 2...

  3. Shit... I want it. But I just lost a bid on HOTD2, so no reason to have it.


    I prefer the Pineapple Express method of saying "Stop. Don't." before pulling the trigger. "Don't. Stop." also works.

  4. Who manufactured this? I've only saw two lightguns for the DC the official and the madcatz knock off.

    This looks insane.

  5. I would have that one in a holster stuck to the side of my tv...

  6. You need it strapped to the side of your sofa!

  7. I have seen so many insane lightguns for the Dreamcast.

    I still remember that Hais lightgun that I missed out on buying. It looked like a real gun but it was white.

    Guns with kickback tend to break easily (at least the ones I have seen for the PS2.)

    Plus I missed out when the MadCatz lightguns went on clearance...I coulda bought a ton of those.