The Year of the DUX

Happy Chinese New Year! To celebrate... DUX is nearly ready! (Have we heard this before??) This is from the Dux blog, linked to in an email I just received...

It's Almost Done

Given DUX is almost done, it only takes about a month to release this game. Currently end of February is aimed, but perhaps early March becomes more realizable as issues may happen. So gameplaywise the game is already on spot and all important features are implentent - from now it's just about the last bits, and publishing this game.

By this opportunity I'd like to thank all purchasers who are patience about their pre-order, and aren't abused by the many delays. The additional development time that the game receives makes it a way better game then it should have been orginally. Taking pre-orders early also assures the quality of the product, as its an active investment to the games development budget. Additionaly, there's going to be a (very) small bonus for all DUX pre-orders on

Btw, the soundtrack of the game is going to be published early February instead of January.


  1. Its about dam time. This thing better blow my socks off.

  2. Yeh. We'll all probably be a little disappointed... bear in mind this will not be a big release year for the Dreamcast though! Can't wait to give it a go. It's nice nice to be part of a scene sometimes, you know?

  3. I really don't mind too much. I would rather the game be perfect and take a little longer than a bad finished product.

  4. I'll buy it eventually, never bought a post-lifespan DC game and this one looks good.

    Wonder what their special prize for waiting is... maybe a Sonic 0th Anniversary Pack!?! :D

  5. Sorry, the above post was me, I was logged in as my girlfriend. If only she knew this much about Dreamcast games...

  6. Yeah - Dux looks quite interesting. I'm intrigued by the stylised look of the thing.

  7. I too am glad it's going to be a tight release. Should be a good game. If they now said "July 2009" as a released date, I would ask for my money back, but the delays have been reasonable. Even large software houses have delays.

    Anything that gives me a reason to crack open the Dreamcast rather than the 360 is good in my book.

  8. Either way any support of the Dreamcast is accepted with open arms.

    Also Marlena you should purchase Wind&Water Puzzle Battle it is a quality title. Every DC owner should buy a copy.

  9. Marlena was me accidentally logged in as my girlfriend.
    Thanks! I'll check it out and pass the message on to her (and I'm sure I'll receive a confused response)

  10. Lol@Barry :D

    Let's see if this finally happens. In the meantime I still have to give Wind&Water a try

  11. Dammit. I can't wait for this.

    I was all tuned up on SHumps for this release but now I have gone into a RPG cycle.

  12. Wind and Water is far more worthy of your support than Dux. When I get Dux, I might put it up as a prize if any of you can think of a competition to win it. I have zero interest in it now and am prepared to boycott it. Grrrr!

  13. I'm with you on that Father K. I was about to put down my preorder a few days ago since play-asia still had it as a January release. Decided to wait for it to be 100% confirmed for January, now there's a delay. Truthfully I was going to buy it just to support Dreamcast homebrew, I love vertical shumps though I just don't like horizontal ones that much.

  14. Well,it's irrelevant to the post,but eurogamer has done done a piece about Dreamcast,along with lists of best titles and cult classics.Btw,i watched recently the E3 interview of the president of SOA (in one of your posts,back in the summer).Actually,Seaman 2 was released for PS2 (only in Japan) in 2007.

    Keep up the good work.

  15. I don't know why everyone is getting so heated about it being delayed.

    1. Its an Independent Publisher

    2. Its a Dreamcast game (be happy we are getting another title for it)

    3. Its reasonably priced.

    4. Even officially published software is pushed back or even canceled on occasion.