The Dreamcast is very popular. A quick Video.

Well yet another gaming event has come and gone and yet again I was not able to get any decent video at all.

I really wanted to get some great footage of all the people having fun messing around with the Dreamcast but I did not get chance due to all the people milling around. I did try to interview some people but I only talked to like two people before I had to go back to managing the event.

I figured I would show off what little stuff I did manage to shoot (Some of it is Horrible Quality).


I would like to note that the girl who talked about the Dreamcast won the whole tournament and pretty much destroyed everyone else. So I suppose my comments about there being very few female Dreamcast fans have been proved false.

I also am going to make a video promoting the top 100 event coming up and I hope to generate some more interest in it. I am glad that Gagaman(n) has gotten the ball rolling on this. I was considering doing some special stuff for 9/9/09 but I have been lazy as of late.


  1. Caleb! You're like the DCJY field reporter! Great vid. I'd enjoy seeing Gagaman at a news desk and Caleb out on the field, DCJY news.

  2. Caleb... TV show... immediately! Now in all seriosuness, Caleb, great job. Thumbs up!

  3. Thanks Joao.

    Not too many people seem to like my videos but I like doing them.

    I am actually going to produce a public access cable show and put it online on Blip.TV as well.

  4. o.o What will that show be about?

    Awesome video by the way. You've definitely got charisma. I wish I could have been there at that event as well o_o Maybe I could show someone who's boss on MVC2 :P

  5. Caleb! Nice seeing ya!

    A hardcore dreamcast chick and a kid saying "the Dreamcast holds a very special place in my heart", now that's something you don't see everyday. Someone should throw that guy a party, seriously, I bet he's the only one his age not playing GoW on the 360 right now...

  6. Very nice video Caleb.

    Also, don't tell anyone, but I think that kid's Harry Potter.

  7. Actually Gagaman(n) is friends with the real Harry Potter.

    Ask him someday.

  8. To quickly answer Wrath Oskyro's question: For some weird reason I could see Caleb hosting a "game show" type of program. Maybe a... Videogame related type of game show were Caleb would consistently own the contestants with his superior video game knowledge. Now realistically the only thing missing is a TV network deal because this idea is a go!

  9. Call the game show "Caleb's in Control". Toss him in an arcade with a bus full of kids. It can write itself after that!

  10. A Marvel vs Capcom 2 arcade booth + kids crying after being devastated by Caleb's supreme skills at the game = RATINGS. Does anybody has G4's (or any other gaming TV station) CEO's phone number? A call needs to be done!

  11. Me standing over the crying kids yelling "What NOW! Huh PUNK! WHAT NOW!?!?!?"