Voting stage two is up! Three more days!

The main poll of the User Top 100 is closed, and now we have some polls up for the games that came in with a joint amount of points. What we need now is for you vote vote for one in each poll only, to decide which should be above the other. These games are:

With joint 160 votes:
MDK 2 vs Soul Reaver : Legacy Of Kain

With joint 140 votes:
King of Fighters 2002 vs Unreal Tournament

With joint 119 votes:
King of Fighters Dream Match 1999 vs Under Defeat vs Worms : Armageddon / World Party

With joint 106 votes:
Blue Stinger vs Fur Fighters

With joint 88 votes:
Cosmic Smash vs Fire Pro-wrestling D vs Puyo Puyo Fever vs Record Of Lodoss Wars vs Sonic Shuffle vs Yu Suzuki GameWorks (phew)

With joint 87 votes:
Illbleed vs Pen Pen Tricelon

With joint 81 votes:
D2 vs Spiderman

With joint 77 votes:
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure vs Wacky Races


  1. Most of these are pretty obvious in what the outcome will be, but I'm interested to see Illbleed vs Pen Pen Tricelon. Both unique but subpar games.

  2. No! Fur fighters is behind blue stinger, is there no justice?

  3. Illbleed should beat out Pen Pen.

    I hope anyways.

  4. I guess we are out of time for a ihavedreamcast video comment BUT I'll see if I can get a few written comments together for you later tonight.

    We've been so swamped here lately. But we are starting to finalize our 09-09-09 plans.

    We have a lot of wacky Dreamcast(ing) plans for the daytime hours (EST) too - so those of you across the pond won't have to wait until really late to be entertained!!

  5. Looks like Fur Fighters has fought back against Blue Stinger and won. Goes to show that good games can beat crap ones.

  6. Yeah, the video comment idea has had to be scrapped due to only getting one person sending anything. Oh well!

  7. In fact, trying to edit together a multi-hour collection of videos (at the most 2 minutes for every game) is starting to drive me insane, so i might just make one or two very quick videos with short clips of each game for 9.9.09, which I'm sure will do pretty much the same job, just not quite so elaborately.

  8. Maybe, like you mentioned, make a short version for 9-9 throwing in a short comment once in a while if needed. Then when you get to the final 25 or 10 games devote a bit more time. If you want to expand it, you can then return to the bottom 75 and release them up to the years end in parts.

  9. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, Barry.