The Dreamcast Top 100 Videos: Part 2 and 3

Here's two more videos of the Top 100. This is as far as I've got with editing this together so far. I still need to cobble together footage of certain games before I can really release any more for now, so there's gonna be a short wait for part four onwards.


  1. LTRFTW- Hi all love all the DC coverage recently, good to see the site back on top form. I'm moving to Japan in March to work as a teacher and wont be able to take my games collection was wondering if anyone's interested in any of the following games, i'll be putting them up o nebay in the coming week or so.
    All are complete

    Samba De Amigo with maracas MINT
    Evolution 2 MINT
    Giga Wing
    Project justice 2
    Street fighter 3 3rd Strike

    Fatal Fury mark of the wolves MINT

    Trigger Heart Exelica MINT
    Radirgy MINT
    Under Defeat MINT
    Cosmic Smash MINT
    Street fighter 3 with impact

  2. How much you want for Samba & maracas?!

  3. Trigger Heart and Under Defeat are two of the very few games I'm after now. Not sure if I should really be spending at the moment though.

  4. Samba 100

    I can set up an ebay auction with pics, i have over 300 positive feedback and would accept paypal, cheque, cash in hand whatever suits you.

    wow even a couple games the gagaman would like, go on gagaman you know how good your collection will look with those two extra games :) I will miss the feeling of lookin at my long line of dreamcast games when i'm in japan :( my mums been kind enough to let them rot in her closet for when/if i come back to UK, but i thought i may as well sell some of my rarest and most unplayed games as will need the money for setting up costs and flight.

  5. Gagaman(n): Truly the hardest working man in all of the Dreamcasters community. Well done, all videos of this Top 100 list have been just great.

  6. I think Gagaman actually employs children to do his work. Meanwhile, he's off racing his Sonic and Tails toys.

  7. I'll second that comment about the Gagaman(n) being the hardest working Dreamcast fan in Christendom. Sterling stuff sir! I tip my hat to you...

    Now if only I had ANY Dreamcast news to post, except for crumbling, buying Dux, and thinking it totally sucked...

  8. Hey GagaMan(n), _thank you_!

    I was kinda old and busy with life in 99 so have missed DC all this time. Just checking it out now during the unexpected tenth anniversary celebrations, and I'm really enjoying your Top 100 collection. This is The Stuff.

  9. I can't wait to see more of these vids. Seeing the games in motion has motivated me to get a couple already. The work is fantastic and feels really well made. Any idea of when the list will continue?