Goat Store announces Irides (another indie release)!

Now how did I manage to miss this? Not only did RedSpotGames reveal the release date and pre-orders for Rush Rush Rally Racing on 9/9/09, but Goat Store has something new due for release too! Above is the trailer for the iPhone version, but pre-orders are up now for a Dreamcast release of this puzzle game for $22, and pre-orders include a poster and free download of the iPhone one. Goat Store a few years back started the indie commercial Dreamcast thread with games like Feet of Fury, Cool Herders and Inhabitants (which i have yet to catch up on, need to pick them up sometime me thinks). More info over at it's official website and you can pre-order at Goat Store.


  1. I'm developping a Dreamcast-Game, too.
    I've already wrote you on 9/9/09, but here is it again:
    Release will be 1. Q of 2010.

  2. Yeah, I'm struggling to keep up with all this Dreamcast news lately! Need to do some catching up! XD

  3. Hehe, I see :)
    I just didn't know if you've received my mail.
    I was quite confused about those many new announcements xD

  4. Lee: Yeah. I would know, I spent hours on that lovely puzzle game. But a dreamcast version would be awesome, despite me having a PS2 for the console version.