Skies of Arcadia Cosplay.

Click for a slightly bigger picture.

She didn't find the time to make the swords.

This reminds me that I really need to play through that game sometime.

I mean I started a game and was intrigued with the setup and everything but then I got distracted and didn't continue playing.

I want to play the pinata mini-game on my VMU.

(And NO this does not mean it's acceptable to post Sonic cosplay here. We are not UKR. UKR is already UKR.)


  1. Well, now just wait until the Nintendo fanboys flood the comment box with "SHE'S DOING THIS AS A TRIBUTE TO NINTENDO GAMECUBE'S VERSION NOT THE DREAMCAST!1111!" which would sadden me but at the same time would intrigue me: "How about if they are right?"


    They are sooo wrong! Original Dreamcast Version Tribute!

  2. Awesome costume!

    I too need to complete SoA. I believe I reached a point where I was either lost or overpowered. I think I was preoccupied with Grandia 2 and Shenmue at the time. I never did get to the "build your own pirate team" part, which from what I hear is the best part of the game.

  3. I propose a DCJY RPG of the month feature. Each month a new RPG is profiled and discussed. Maybe we could even all be playing it and commenting on it.

  4. Barry: But that would only last a couple months, there's what 5 RPGs on the Dreamcast? Not including a bunch in Japanese only.

  5. Ha! Alright... one a year. That'll last us til 2012. :)

    Though I don't think I could stand two years of Evolution.

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  7. How about a "DCJY Shooter Of the Month" feature, Barry? Well, actually with the amount of shooters that exist in the Dreamcast video game library, we could probably do those features in a weekly basis? Better yet: How about if we created a poll so the Dreamcast fans could decide which genre would have it's weekly/monthly based feature here at DCJY? How about it, gang?

  8. I like that idea! As long as the DJCY writers are down with it. Or simply a game of the month thing, sort of like Racketboy's together retro, but all DC.