Rez - The Core

Hello world. I was recently contacted by a fellow by the name of Tjerk Otten about his Rez inspired, abstract short film on Youtube.

In his words:

"The story on this trailer is about humanity trying to hack into creation itself.
We try to unravel the great mystery of life itself all the time. We are creations on our own and
we try to expand our lifecycle in many different ways and try to know the human itself."

Tjerk is a self confessed Rez nut, and this is quite evident in 'The Core.' Wanna see what he's on about, fellow Dreamcaster? Cast your eyes downward and all will be revealed:

It's best viewed in HD and full screen, so if like me you have to rely on a pathetic mobile broadband dongle with equally pathetic GPRS connection, you could be waiting the best part of a decade for the whole thing to load...but it's worth the wait.


  1. You don't know how lucky you are! I'd give anything to have a connection like yours. It's taken me nearly 20 minutes just to post this comment using my U.S. Robotics 28.8K fax modem. I had the main page up for nearly an hour before, but the video's progress bar only got a third of the way across. At least you can watch it!

  2. Jesus, Alex - where do you live? Outer Mongolia circa 1992?! Are you using an Apple LC3 too? Please say you are - that would be identical to my setup at that time :)

  3. Maybe he's watching it on his Dreamcast Web Browser 4.0 (now with YouTube support!)

    oh how I wish that were true...

  4. This would be super awesome if he did this on windows movie maker windows ce edition.... i still havent beat the dural-esque boss at the end
    good vid

  5. and hd pssh try that on a pentium 3 katmai processor with that good ole aol its still 99 over here

  6. Nice song, but the video was too abstract for my tastes. I still have to give plenty of respect to his love for Rez though.

  7. I'd say it would be better watched with a brain frazzled by ecstasy. I didn't quite get it, but it was pretty cool. I used to pay real money back in the 90s for videos which were far inferior to this. Mind you, my brain was frazzled by ecstasy at the time...

  8. Hear, hear FK. If my ass wasn't owned by HM Govt, I'm pretty sure I'd still be 'frazzled' every weekend. Halcyon days my friend, halcyon days!

  9. @ TLC...

    Wah! I can't even have a pint any more! Never mind those fluffy little tabs of loveliness...

    I'm the most tee-total person on the planet... :(



  11. Do you know this one?

  12. Sorry to interrupt.

    Since you're not doing a Halloween blog this year and I've posted my Halloween comment in 2008's "Dreamcast Games to Play on Halloween", I figure I should mention it here otherwise no-one's ever going to read it! LOL.