Primitive Nightmare Inbound!

Word. Sorry for the complete lack of an Aerowings 2 review. The truth is that I still haven't really been able to get enough free time to actually sit down and play it properly. I could cobble together a review from the five minutes I've spent doing the training missions and the other reviews I've read elsewhere on the internet, but that ain't how we roll down at the 'Yard.

It's not all bad news though, oh no. I have recently been contacted by a reader who goes by the name of Fuseki. Why? Because Fuseki is releasing a brand new indie DC game, that's why! Planned for a January 2010 release (as a free, downloadable disk image, no less), Primitive Nightmare is an original-looking shoot 'em up that, to me at least, looks a bit like a retro Atari game. His words:

"The game is called Primitive Nightmare. It's an old-school style shooter
that combines elements of classic 80s arcade shooters with some strategic elements. The game is currently in the late WIP stage (I need to do a little more tweaking, and add instruction screens) but the gameplay itself is 99% finished. I hope to have it out as a freely downloadable disc image in January 2010 (a website should be up by then as well)."

Screens? Why, yes:

It's always good to hear from DCJY readers, and it's especially good when those readers are pumping out new software for our favourite undead console. All know the rest.


  1. nice news! This game will be really nice! :)

  2. All hail what?!

    Awesome to see another indy release.

  3. Very cool! it looks like an old Atari vector game, but modernized a bit. I always dug those vector games, and it's nice to see someone building a game that doesn't rely on flashy graphics. This tells me right off that this game will be a lot of fun. Some interesting trivia: I looked up the meaning of Fuseki, and it's a move in the game Go. What's another move in the game? Why, it's Atari! Do a Google search for Nolan Bushnell and Fuseki, and you'll see the connection. This guy must definitely be an Atari fan.

  4. Wow, impressive detective work there, Ed!

  5. Neat!

    It looks like an old school arcade game from the 80s!

  6. Ed R.- Brilliant! Yes, I picked the name Fuseki from the game Go, for the reasons you've outlined here. I'm a huge fan of classic Atari coin-ops; especially vector games. I used to collect them a few years ago :) I wanted to pick a "company" name that was from Go just like Atari was, and Sente was already used, so...

    Thanks to all for your interest!

  7. (Google is being a pain right now so I can't log in...)

    Release is imminent; hopefully this weekend. Just a few minor details to take care of...

  8. Look for a release in a day or two. I'm doing some final testing and waiting for my domain to go live. Look for a download link in the next day or two...

  9. Game is released, but my website is down for some odd reason. I've put the game on Mediafire for now. Grab it at