Seasons greetings an' all that shit. Anyway, on to more pressing matters. I'm pretty sure I've read something like this elsewhere (quite probably UK Resistance to be honest), but I have to show you this. Background: I'm a bit of a tight twat and so have been visiting clubs, bars etc in a pair of shitty old Vans trainers (see below) for the last 6 months; but recently one of my friends got married. I entertained the idea of wearing my trainers with a suit, but after testing the notion in a mirror, decided against it. So I jumped in the car (it's a Lamborghini*) and found a shoe shop. I bought the first pair of black shoes I saw:

Snow! On Christmas!

I wore them.

A week later I dropped a contact lens next to them, bent down to find it and cast a glance inside the shoe. This is what I saw:

There! Next to the Game Gear!

A Dreamcast joypad!!! How unbelievaby, utterly randomly glorious is that?!

* - Lie


  1. I posted this on UK:R which means you shopped at Brantano's. I wish the shoes fir me better of i would get them!


  3. Knew I'd seen that pattern somewhere before, and yeah - I did get them from Brantano!

  4. That was fucking unbelievable. Squall's explanation took away some of the jawesome thunder for a moment but then I thought again of the pure cool of your story! Yeaahhh boooyyyy!

  5. and Seikyo Jack you done said exactly both thoughts that were in my mind. nice

  6. actually. i'm now calling fake on your whole post

    nice to read stuff from so close to home though, after being on so many american sites :) cheers for that.

  7. Cheers Khu - we like to shine a light for the PAL Dreamcasters out there, although this is a truly international affair! I bet it looks odd to NTSC readers, what with the overbearing blue-ness of the 'Yard!

  8. Seikyo Jack - I do indeed have a clover up my ass. I'll be putting it on ebay in the coming days. Link to follow!