Lookin' Like a Fool With Your Swirls On the Ground

As I entered a hotel yesterday, I was greeted by this carpet pattern:

Super-fans who would like to see this for themselves can check it out at Radisson Northeast Hotel in Philadelphia. This will be my second swirl sighting in a month, perhaps the Dreamcast is sending me the message that I need to give it more attention. Today I was kind enough to replace the batteries of my Dreameye, so it seems the subliminal swirl messages are working.

ps - Last year I had a video feature planned, but lack of time and the belief that I needed AVGN levels of production quality led that idea to dwindle. Now I've conceded that I need to make a video and quality be damned, hand held camera and unscripted chatter is good enough! Expect the first video by April. Whee!


  1. I'm sorry for being a downer but... that thing looks ugly. But hey, maybe it's really a message from your DC: Boot up some Street Fighter III 3rd Strike or... I'll keep on hunting you down!

  2. ...

    How dare you call that carpet ugly. I'll have you know I am covering every inch of my apartment with it as I type!

  3. Haha, the DCJY is slowly transforming into UK: Resistance with all these swirl photos :P

  4. I actually want to retract what I said: I didn't meant to say that the carpet is ugly. What I meant to say was... that.. the carpet is beautiful by... abstract art... standards... of beauty.