SEGA: May I have an E3 Dreamcast shirt, please?

 Hi SEGA, it's Barry.

I've been keeping up on all the E3 happenings over the past week and have very much enjoyed what you had to show. One of the strongest third party years yet! I was particularly happy to see Dreamcast classics on display, something that we haven't seen since E3 2001. Anyway, point I'm getting at is that I saw the t-shirts you were handing out and I genuinely want one. They look awesome. The "September 2010" line already gets me hyped for the upcoming Dreamcast anniversary as well as the rerelease of Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure. You asked us to share a Dreamcast memory to get a shirt, and while I can't be at E3 and the shirts are seemingly gone, I'm still taking a chance at getting one.

My favorite Dreamcast memory: The winter Phantasy Star Online released. I had just moved 2 hours south of where I had lived for 16 years, leaving all of my friends. We were stuck with the occasional weekend visit and phone calls, but it wasn't the same. Thankfully PSO changed all that. While we were hours apart, an online game of PSO made it feel like the good old days. I'll never forget weekend games that went into the early hours of the morning.

I gave my memory, now *cough* the shirt? :)


ps - I made that Ryo Hazuki is a Big Fat Liar! video, if that helps my chances. ;)

UPDATE: Front of the shirt!


  1. Hahahaha.

    If anyone here deserves a shirt it's Barry!

  2. Agreed.
    I didn't actually know they where official Sega shirts, I'm impressed they're so readily willing to acknowledge the Dreamcast.

  3. Love those shirts!
    I want one so badly!! T__T

    Great story^^
    I still remember playing hours of PSO with a friend and some random people who joined our playthroughs!

  4. The back of the shirt says "Guess Who's Back" with a tiny Dreamcast swirl. Very nice!

  5. Those ignorant cunts at Sega don't care about us here at the DCJY! But yeah, if anyone deserves one - it's Barry.

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  7. OMG, I want one of these, too :) :)
    BTW why do they write "Guess wo's back?"? The Dreamcast has never been away :D

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  9. Hey guys, wanna see what other games SEGA is porting? Check this out and get a good laugh if you may.

    Post this wherever you want, let's spread the word!

  10. wait what? The psp version?!

  11. this blog is nice

  12. Sure hope they Bring over Dreamcast's FERRARI F355 with multi-online gameplay!

    Im sure the many Dreamcast games will be relaunched on

    9/9/2010 Dreamcast's B-Day!