Classic Game Room: Dreamcast Collection vs. Genesis Collection

If you haven't figured it out yet, the DCJY loves Classic Game Room. Heck, we even gave it a tag! In the above video, Mark compares the boxart of the Dreamcast Collection to the boxart of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. As always, it's humorous and all in good fun. No ranting, no cussing, just good ol' CGR. Enjoy!

Personally, I like the Dreamcast Collection cover more. I could see a few more volumes coming out in the same style. I never was a fan of the Ultimate Genesis Collection having that wonky looking Sonic on the front. Plus, you got a big Dreamcast console and controller right there on the cover!


  1. LOL I checked back at the old CGR videos shared on the DCJY and was amazed to find that in 2007, Gagaman hated CGR! Maybe time changed him, or maybe he prefers the current ones (Mark only) to the old early '00 ones.

  2. Probably not one of his better videos. He basically repeats himself throughout the whole thing.

    that said the Genesis collection cover is better. I do, though, like how they put the Dreamcast on its collection cover, and even stuck with the border on the left like Dreamcast games.

  3. I was excited when I saw the Dreamcast console and controller on the cover, then I noticed that it had no VMU. Shame on them for forgetting!

  4. Haha yeah you're right Barry, I wasn't that crazy on the original run of CGR but ever since mark revived it on his own I have come to see him as one of the most naturally funny guys reviewing games on the web. Not sure if he writes his reviews before recording them, but he always comes across as being a very witty bloke.