Classic Game Room Reviews DUX

Classic game Room, by far my favorite video reviewer on the web, has finally got his teeth stuck into some Dreamcast indie goodness, starting off with DUX and hopefully more will follow. He does a much better job at reviewing this than i ever could simply because I couldn't even beat the first level in it! Lord Karnage has been reviewing a lot of Dreamcast games recently that you should also check out, such as Capcom vs SNK 2, Mortal Kombat Gold, Street Fighter Alpha 3, the Rumble (or Puru Puru) pack, and the Blue VMU. oh, to do this for a living..


  1. Ha! Awesome. I love when CGRHD goes gaga for the Dreamcast. Good review! I got DUX yesterday and have yet to beat the first level.

    I have a DUX related post for the weekend, stay tuned!

  2. In his Sega Sports Black Dreamcast console review here: He points out that he has a fast Striker review coming up soon! :)

  3. i never liked that youtube channel. the way he does stuff just make it seem like he don't care about it and just doing to for money