Discounted Games on Play Asia.

It looks like there is a sale going on...

Fast Striker has sold out!

LE version *SOLD OUT*

Cool Herders on sale for $6.90

Inhabitants - $7.90

Maqiupai - $7.90

Feet of Fury - $4.90

Irides: Master of Blocks - $9.90

Irides: Master of Blocks [Limited Edition] - $12.90

Links found on CheapassGamer.


  1. This makes me mad only because I bought Fast Striker LE and Irides LE less than a month ago at full price. I did get Napple Tale, Feet of Fury, and a few others though.

  2. Grabbed Feet of Fury, Irides and Cool Headers so far, may buy the other two Goat Store games if I can get some more money together. Also bought the Japanese puzzle game Musapey's Choroco Marker which had a massive reduction.

  3. Seconded on being mad about Fast Striker LE being on sale so soon. I bought the standard edition from Play Asia only a few weeks ago, and already it gets bumped down? :(

    Still, picking up the other games for sure!

  4. only 1 copy of Fast Striker LE left kiddos!

  5. Fast Striker LE is officially gone for now.

    By the way consider me a new regular follower of this site, LOVE the DUX spinies!

  6. Thanks Chris! Glad you're enjoying the DCJY!

    I kept things on the cheap and just went for Cool Herders, Inhabitants and Irides LE (with gold coin and signed certificate, ooh!). Maqiupai is just a Mahjong game, didn't sound too exciting. Even the collector in me wasn't enthused about it.

    Great sale though! Aaron (not Gagaman), how much was Napple Tale on sale?

  7. $29.99 used. The new copies were not on sale. It's the cheapest I have seen it, I don't know about anyone else. I'm excited to play it.

  8. BTW, I'm DCGX over at Segabits. I'm signed in here with my Google account.

  9. Awesome price! $76 is the cheapest I've seen it online. Saw it for $60 at a convention once. Congrats!

    Ooh, and SEGAbits, DCJY cross traffic!