DCJY Rummage - Sonic Adventure 2

My first Rummage video in two years, blimey! I hope to get time to do some more of these though they'll probably be shorter than this one: I sure had a lot to talk about with this massive game and there's still some stuff I didn't talk about like the music, but I think 13 minutes is more than enough to sum up the game! Enjoy!


  1. Plenty have commented on the youtube page itself :)

  2. Another top quality video from GM. Wouldn't expect anything less! I really need to start posting again...I've bought so many DC games over the past few months but never seem to have the time to play and write about them. Gah!

  3. Utterly excellent analysis of the game and brilliantly presented as usual!
    *whispers* Haven't got my Dreamcast rigged up at the moment, but perhaps could GC version on for play on wii...