Dreamcast Notepads Finally Ship

We first mentioned the Dreamcast notepads a few months ago and several delays have come and gone since then...but - huzzah! - they've finally shipped! My notepad arrived today, along with my Sega Saturn pad and a free gift to apologise for the delay from the retailing website (in my case, the retailer was Yellow Bulldog). Quite ironic that the free gift was a PS4 card holder, but I'll let that slide. So, how does the pad measure up? Well for starters it's quite a lot smaller than I thought it would be, being roughly the same size and shape as a Dreamcast game case and is notably (heh!) smaller than the gargantuan Saturn pad...but in all honesty it appears to be a high quality item and looks about at authentic as a notepad designed to look like a defunct games console possibly ever could do.

There is some nice detailing - the Dreamcast name is printed in authentic typeface in the bottom corner of each lined page, and the inside covers have similar printed details. Rather impressively, the rear cover of the hard-backed book is styled after the bottom of the console, so you get all those safety warnings etc. Overall, I'm impressed with the quality of the pad and would recommend these books to anyone who has a desire to own every single piece of Dreamcast-related paraphernalia on Earth. So just me then? Oh.