DreamPod Episode 10


As well as being available on iTunes, Stitcher, Buzzsprout and YouTube, DreamPod is also listed on the UK Podcast Directory. Nominations are now open for the 2015 UK Podcast Awards, and while our podcast suffers from the usual issues an amateur production encounters, we have one thing a lot of the others don't: absolute passion for the subject. None of the team get paid for any of this content, yet we do our best to bring new, fresh content to the Dreamcast community as often as we can. We do this all in our spare time.

To this end, we'd be honoured if you'd show your support for the only Dreamcast-centric podcast around by giving us a nomination. The very notion that a Dreamcast podcast could be at a prestigious awards ceremony like this is mind-blowing in 2015 - 14 years after the system was cut loose. Please consider nominating us by visiting our listing page here and clicking on the big red button!


  1. Great podcast fellas! Really interesting stuff on the scrapped Headhunter VMU features! That sounds like it would have been awesome!

  2. Thanks PC, and thanks for listening! On the subject of the 'flatscreen CRT' scandal, I believe I was referring to the way some widescreen CRT TVs will not recognise the light guns, or will register them but be way off target. I recall taking the DC to a friend's house and not being able to play HOTD2 on his TV for this reason, and likewise on a TV my dad used to own. In my defence, it was 1am haha!

  3. Great podcast guys. Loads of original, super interesting content. Nice job!

  4. Cheers everyone for the positive feedback. It was a completely different experience recording the pod compared to listening to it. There were many times where I thought I was being charming and witty, but when I stopped talking I'd get complete icy silence, followed by a reaction half a second later due to the time delay. It was really off-putting, but I hope to get the hang of it next time.

    Thinking of doing some kind of audio/textual commentary to try and squeeze in some more things I was going to but forgot to say, and maybe justify some of my tangential meanderings and my overenthusiastic fetish for Input-Output boards

  5. Great Podcast as usual guys, I used to have a 50" 4:3 rear projection TV which worked great with my lightgun games, stupidly I smashed it to pieces so I could bin it when I got an HDTV :(

  6. As regards to using Bootcamp, you can boot your mac into Windows natively and run nulldc at 100% speed, I've set up a partition on my mac so I can run any windows emulators that don't work on mac os

  7. Sterling stuff again chaps. The Podcasts are my favourite feature of the 'Yard.