Dreamcast Magazine Issue 7

Issue 7 of Paragon Publishing's Dreamcast Magazine was available to buy from all good (and quite probably some slightly cruddy) book stores and newsagents on the 30th March 2000. Back in those halcyon days of VHS boxsets and massive MP3 players that took four AAA batteries, Dreamcast Magazine was by far the most popular and best-selling alternative to the official Sega-sanctioned periodical from Dennis Publishing. Issue 7 isn't a rich source of unreleased games like some other issues have been, but it weighs in at 114 pages and this represents a lot of content for the princely asking price of £2.99 a copy. According to the cover issue 7 also came with a free book worth £9.99, but just quite what it was is a mystery as it is not referenced at all in the magazine itself.

Previews in issue 7 include the cancelled Black & White (along with an interview with Peter Molyneux), Roadsters, Tech Romancer, Ecco and Hidden & Dangerous. There are also several lengthy features, one of which looks in depth at The Nomad Soul and the music of the late David Bowie. Other features include a look at future arcade releases and the role of women in video games. Games reviewed include Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation, Sega GT, MDK 2, Rayman 2, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Wild Metal.
At this point I'd like to apologise for the poor quality scans here. My scanner is on its last legs and only one in ten attempts to scan something actually results in a page being captured. As of now, the thing is perilously close to being drop-kicked out of the nearest window and into a waiting skip, but I thought it was worth battling with this moribund technology in order to show you the advert above. Wilrons purports to be a service where you could ring one of the 'experts' and ask which games they think you should buy. Then they'll offer to send you five Dreamcast titles for the 'bargain' price of £165. Google doesn't seem so evil now, does it?
There's also the merest mention of the Milia 2000 games developers expo that was held in Cannes, France in early March 2000 (see images above). There's very little documentation about this event online, but Sega Europe had a fairly large presence at the event - Soichiro Irimajiri even made an appearance giving a keynote speech on the future of the Dreamcast. Probably lasted about 5 minutes. Anyway, here's the video:

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