DreamPod - Episode 26

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Sega Deserves To Rot - Digitiser 2000 article discussed in DreamPod 26. Interview with Clockwork Games' Neil Casini at Grumpy Old Gamers. Also, here's the list of Japanese games sales figures as discussed by Mike in the episode - Spirit of Speed 1937 actually sold 87 copies in Japan, not 37 as stated...which makes it a resounding success!

Music is from Headhunter and Sonic Adventure 2; and if you're in a particularly generous mood, please feel free to leave us an iTunes review!


  1. Enjoyed the podcast, thanks for posting. Re Vanishing Point: there were online challenges on the Dreamcast version that you downloaded from Acclaim's servers, using their "Netspine" facility. The challenges were loaded into the Dreamcast's RAM rather than the VMU, and would subsequently disappear when you switched the system off. I did a review on the game about 4 years ago which discusses this in more detail (a little bit more about the online features)

  2. Thanks for listening, and also the info on Vanishing Point's online aspects. Those snippets of info are all too easy to forget.