We're Launching A Monthly Newsletter!

All the cool kids are doing it, and as we're the coolest of the lot (no, really) we thought it was about time The Dreamcast Junkyard had a newsletter. Nothing big or flashy and certainly not anything on the level of Mega Visions from SEGA Nerds; no, a simple monthly mail shot that delivers the highlights of the month's Junkyard posts direct to your inbox in one go. You can choose to have either a HTML or plain text version and it'll give a brief summary and links to selected content from the previous month. Like you, we at the Junkyard also have real lives outside of the internet and the Dreamcast (gasp!) and it's natural that due to the amount of amazing content we produce you're bound to miss something. Unforgivable, but understandable.

Not everyone is on Twitter and not everyone is on Facebook. This new venture will attempt to bridge the gap, offering summaries and links to recent articles, and maybe a few from the extensive archive that you missed the first time round. The Junkyard's readership continues to grow and grow and we're forever looking at new, more convenient ways for you to enjoy what we do...and hopefully this newsletter will appeal to those people who just want to have all the newest stories and features in one place. The best bit is that the newsletter is fully responsive so it'll look great on both mobiles and on your 486DX 66 desktop running Netscape Navigator. All you need to do to receive the monthly newsletter is sign up using the button below (and/or the one in the side bar if you're reading this on the desktop site) or scan the QR code here!


  1. No Twitter and no Facebook, RSS does it well enough for me...

  2. Neat. I don't use Facebook or Twitter, so this is much appreciated =).