Dreamcast Streaming Service DreamStream Announced For Nintendo Switch

People with only a passing interest in research and development processes, business procedures and manufacturing fundamentals have been calling for a sequel to the Sega Dreamcast for some time now; but the desire for a bonafide 'Dreamcast 2' has fallen on deaf ears for the most part. However, it now looks like Sega is ready to give the notion at least a slight nudge in the right direction. This week, Sega announced a new partnership with old rival Nintendo which will bring Dreamcast games to the new handheld hybrid system Switch.
The service, tentatively titled 'DreamStream' will allow Switch owners to connect to a cyber razor-powered service that will initially offer a handful of HD remasters of popular Dreamcast titles like Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure, Spirit of Speed 1937 and Space Channel 5. Details on further games, and just how the service will work are sketchy at best right now, but this information has literally only just leaked through this article on art and tech website Art News. Quick to capitalize on the leak, Sega Europe spokesperson Avril Tonto responded to the claims:

"Sega Europe and Nintendo have a long and storied history. With this new partnership, we hope to bring much-loved franchises to a new audience."

As stated, details are thin on the ground at the moment, but we hope to bring more details as they emerge. With the strong initial sales of the Switch, and the heavy leanings toward retro emulation and classic gaming experiences, we think this can only add another string to Nintendo's bow in the fight against Sony and Microsoft.

Source: Art News

Time to come clean - this is obviously an April Fools joke. The images above were made by me using Preview on my MacBook, and the name 'DreamStream' I randomly dreamt up while I was out running one evening last week. To be honest, I left enough clues in the article to ensure people weren't completely taken in by this; but if you were...then my work here is done.

First up - the date. Right, it was 00:10am on 1st April here in the UK when I posted the article. It isn't my fault Blogger goes off an American dating and timing convention. Also, Greenwich meantime. So that's that out of the way. Next - Sega spokesperson Avril Tonto. Avril Tonto translates (rather basically) into April Fool when using Google Translate and the languages French and Spanish respectively. Next, Spirit of Speed 1937 on a Switch? Do me a favour! Nintendo want to sell Switches, not make gamers want to set them on fire. Now onto the source article over at well known fake games and tech site Art News. The article is dated 1st April and the thing is littered with made up rubbish about Nintendo and its recent consoles. Granted, these are the types of 'facts' real websites report daily so maybe it was a little too convincing...but c'mon people! Also, if you scroll down to the bottom of the article you'll find a message from me basically telling you it's a load of old cobblers. Not that that stopped the internet at large sharing it around the place:
I dread to think what those 138 comments say about me...
Anyway, I had fun dreaming this crap up, and I'm sure plenty of people enjoyed getting irate about it on social media. I know most of you figured it out straight away, but if you didn't maybe it's time to take a break from the internet and go take the dog for a walk or something. Until next year, keep it real folks!


  1. Holy crap! There IS a reason for me to buy a Switch!

  2. Aren't you a day early on the news embargo for this?! ;)

    1. 23:04:00Z is 24:04:00 BST. Given the "" domain name, it's probably safe to assume that this was posted from the UK, which is currently observing BST (UTC+1).

  3. Clonezone link so its most likely fake.

  4. It is confirmed a joke in the article guys, no need to speculate in obscure details. :) "Copyright 2017, The Dreamcast Junkyard made this shit up. You should have scrolled down a bit. Art Media"

  5. LMFAO! I really hope some dope buys a switch because of this...