Shadow Gangs Kickstarter re-kicked with lower goal

We recently reported on the promising Shadow Gangs Dreamcast port and its Kickstarter campaign. Though the game is a top quality side scrolling punching simulator, one of the most common concerns we saw raised was how high the Kickstarter funding goal had been set. It appears that the team behind Shadow Gangs saw similar cause for concern and as a result, the original campaign for this excellent addition to the Dreamcast indie library has been cancelled with a new one launched in its place. The new campaign has a much more realistic goal of £25,000 (the previous target had been set at a fairly optimistic £140,000) and it can be found here.

Naturally several of us here at the Junkyard backed the previous Kickstarter, and have also now pledged towards the new campaign. If you're wondering what all the fuss is about though, below is a preview of the game running on a GDEMU equipped DCHDMI system:

Honestly, this is a really high quality, hard as nails scrapper and I'm very much looking forward to playing the final game on a Dreamcast. Not sure I'll be seeing much more than the first level judging from my shockingly bad playthrough of the demo, but cest la vie and all that.

Anyone who wants to try the demo on actual Dreamcast hardware (or an emulator) themselves can do so by heading over to the new Shadow Gangs Kickstarter here, and grabbing the file via the handy download link. Oh, and maybe support the campaign too. New Dreamcast games, especially ones with Shadow Gangs' level of quality, are never a bad thing to back. Unlike that coffee maker I backed two years ago and still haven't recieved. Yes Oomph, I'm looking at you. Harrumph.


  1. I backed the collectors edition this go around. Much more interested in what that had. It's a little more than halfway, with 43 days to go as of my posting this. Hopefully it succeeds this time.

  2. Such an awesome looking game just what I have been waiting for since it was announced few years back. Seems way more fast at stable 60fps now than early footage. Ian Michael helped them to get it running as well as possible.

  3. Yes, the demo plays superbly. It’ll be a massive shame if it still can’t reach this new lower goal. Don’t think that’ll be an issue though.

  4. Backed the pal blue box version. Game looks good, downloading the demo now (still amazed that's a thing for DC)

  5. What causes the the goal to drop so much? I'm sorry but that leaves me incredibly suspicious.